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Insomnia? Mind racing at night? Worries keeping you up? Tune in for a bedtime story that lets you forget your problems and progressively gets more boring until you fall to sleep. So get in bed, press play, close your eyes, and drift off into dreamland.

© Andrew Ackerman 2013-2022

Insomnia? Mind racing at night? Worries keeping you up? Tune in for a bedtime story that lets you forget your problems and progressively gets more boring until you fall to sleep. So get in bed, press play, close your eyes, and drift off into dreamland.

© Andrew Ackerman 2013-2022
763hr 25min
Thumbnail for "1200 - Time Travel for Ten".
After ten years I take a trip with myself back to where the whole heart of the podcast calls home.
Thumbnail for "1273 - Paper Mache Tea Time | Multiplex Ep10".
Who knew the person who can't be seen would be so sleepy?
Thumbnail for "Stow Lake | On Location Summer Favorite #632".
A peaceful ride around Stow Lake
Thumbnail for "1272 - Guild Webseries Watch | Season 1 Ep 1-6".
Dreams via Day's stories
Thumbnail for "1271 - Couch Barons | All Intros 917 - 921".
It's the placiest of places and the droniest of drones
Thumbnail for "1270 - To Market To Market | Alba Salix S1E5".
Magnus mixes something up that is perfect for bedtime.
Thumbnail for "Fearless Flyers Return - 2021 Fall and August Editions".
Plumcots? More like yumcots.
Thumbnail for "1269 - RENT Brainbots and a Thousand Kisses".
Scooter tries to name approximately 525,600 Brainbots
Thumbnail for "1268 - The Crafty Lady | Multiplex Ep9".
Sleepy sense, scents, and sensibility
Thumbnail for "Dusk feat: Slurp & DJ Echo Bass | On Location Listener Fav #540".
Listen and rest as I listen and comment on the sounds of the swamp.
Thumbnail for "1267 - Epcot and Animal Kingdom | Ray Cools It Down Again".
Ray is as cool as the other side of the pillow
Thumbnail for "1266 - A Chance to Dance | Alba Salix S1E4".
Magnus, Holly, and Alba set their super-egos aside
Thumbnail for "Superbowl Sandwich "The Lich" | Real Time Recipe Listener Fav #489".
A listener favorite where Scooter starts some sleepy sandwiches.
Thumbnail for "1265 - Muppets at Disney World | Watchalong for Orlando Parkstop | Trending Tuesday".
It is time to get bedtime started
Thumbnail for "1264 - Whiz Kids Pilot".
Les Petits Genies will deliver this bedtime story
Thumbnail for "1263 - Freshly Oiled Soapbox | All Intros 912 - 916".
The faintest whiff of humor floats on the air
Thumbnail for "1262 - Julie Childs' Count | Multiplex Ep8".
Our friends try to figure out what really means chocolate
Thumbnail for "1261 - Sushi Go! | Bored Game Unboxing".
Cute dumplings play a dreamy game where you sleep well.
Thumbnail for "1260 - Bring It On - Watchalong - Part 2".
This time we get to the end and have some sleepy fun
Thumbnail for "1259 - Fairy Cake Woods | Alba Salix S1E3".
Magnus and Holly take a relaxing walk in the woods.
Thumbnail for "1258 - Cuckoo for Cuckoo Clocks | Multiplex Ep7".
While a cereal friend sleeps in a clock, our friends learn more about the multiplex.
Thumbnail for "1257 - Novelizers The Matrix Crossover".
A couple of tries to make you sleepy like Neo.
Thumbnail for "1256 - Birds and Buds | Alba Salix S1E2".
Birds of a feather flock together to carry you off to dreamland
Thumbnail for "1255 - Guide to Spence & Funk | Multiplex Ep6".
The soft velvet of posters leads the way to a sleepy cereal solution.
Thumbnail for "1254 - Bring It On - Watchalong - Part 1".
This week keeps the quiet cheers coming
Thumbnail for "1253 - Benn Broughten by The Crayon Rambler".
Bring It On Week has officially been broughten
Thumbnail for "Well Met | Alba Salix S1E1 | Listener Fav #868".
Tonight's bedtime story is quite a sleepy yarn
Thumbnail for "1252 - The Final | Great British Baking Off to Sleep S10/C7 Ep10".
We leave the tent tonight and join our bakers for a final bedtime bow.
Thumbnail for "1251 - Tiki Transistor Hut | Multiplex Ep5".
Everything is coming together as smooth as a velvet painting
Thumbnail for "1250 - Wildee Wonga Tour".
Welcome to a world that is more than pure imagination.
Thumbnail for "1249 - Patisserie | Great British Baking Off to Sleep S10/C7 Ep9".
Paul and the bakers will drive yuzu off to dreamland.
Thumbnail for "1248 - Timeless Sock Puppet | Multiplex Ep4".
A sleepy sock hop off to bedtime will help our heroes.
Thumbnail for "1247 - 7 Stages of Sleep With Me".
This boredom seminar tries to find some common stages
Thumbnail for "1246 - Newts R 2 Kewt | All Intros 907 - 911".
Scooter will make a cozy bird nest with his hair
Thumbnail for "1245 - Pastries | Great British Baking Off to Sleep S10/C7 Ep8".
Lulling lamination will be the buttery bedtime story
Thumbnail for "1244 - Hickory-Dickory Farms | Multiplex Ep3".
Our adventure goes from flatware to sleepy summer sausage
Thumbnail for "1243 - Ren Faire With Ray".
Ray recaps a Ren Faire while Scooter meets a new friend named Alan.
Thumbnail for "1242 - Festivals | Great British Baking Off to Sleep S10/C7 Ep7".
A festive sleep will be slowly proofed by our bakers.
Thumbnail for "1241 - Julius J Juice | Multiplex Ep2".
You don't need to concentrate on this bedtime story
Thumbnail for "1240 - Apple Cider Redo | TJ's Shop & Cook 2".
All the bedtime goodness of a trip to Trader Joe's
Thumbnail for "1239 - Dessert Week | Great British Bake You Off to Sleep S10/C7 Ep6".
This time our bakers will help you get your dessert discussions
Thumbnail for "1238 - Putt Putt Prodigy | Multiplex 1".
A friendly game of mini-golf rolls and meanders through a sleepy course.
Thumbnail for "1237 - Wandering Towers | Board Game Unboxing".
The perfect name for Scooter to unbox a game that is a gift to your sleep.
Thumbnail for "1236 - The Roaring Twenties | Great British Baking Off to Sleep S10/C7 Ep5".
Scooter will take this 20’s baking from roaring to boring.
Thumbnail for "Tapestry | Sleepin' With TNG | V-Day Listener Fav #560".
The love of our friends can be like a sweater knitted by the Continuum
Thumbnail for "1235 - Notebooks of Journey Into the World Of Friends - Series Review".
Pen and paper makes way for a bedtime story role, playing digital.
Thumbnail for "1234 - Romancing the Stone | Tale of Tape".
A trailer for a new movie about argyle socks brings Scooter all the way back to some 80s films he cannot quite piece together, even the obvious ones.
Thumbnail for "1233 - Dairy Week | Great British Baking Off to Sleep  S10/C7 Ep4".
Smooth sleep will butter your bedtime as our bakers do their best.
Thumbnail for "1232 - SS Friendship Floats | Journey Into The World of Friends Finale".
Welcome to the world of friends where friends find a way to make everything work out okay.
Thumbnail for "1231 - Oh What a Sylvan Beach".
The other side of your pillow will be doing it country cool as Scooter looks back at a beach and a drummer named JJ.
Thumbnail for "1230 - Bread Week | Great British Bake You Off to Sleep S10/C7 Ep3".
A soft pillow loaf of lulls will be the proof your pillow needs to carry you off to dreamland.
Thumbnail for "1229 - New Robot Friends | Journey Into The World of Friends Ep 12".
Number Five will strive to help Mary Bearbot and the rest of our friends get ready to make sure all will be well in the world for friends.
Thumbnail for "1228 - Ikea Dresser Mirror Build".
Mirror mirror on the floor who builds a dresser and drones to bore?
Thumbnail for "1227 - Biscuits Week | Great British Baking Off to Sleep S10/C7 Ep2".
If you never heard of biscuit sweat don’t worry you will sleep right though this discussion of another week in a soothing tent of treats.
Thumbnail for "1226 - Only Good Bad Ideas | Journey Into the World Of Friends  Ep11".
Sometimes coming up with a plan means being open to new ideas, even those ideas you would sleep through.
Thumbnail for "1225 - Ikea Trip and Tangents".
Looking back on some trips down old Ikea memory lane should take you to dreamland.
Thumbnail for "1224 - Cake Week | Great British Baking Off to Sleep S10/C7 Ep1".
Scoots will meander so much that you could bake a cake or two as we return to the gingham and the tent.
Thumbnail for "Thanks to Our First Patrons and Sleep With Me Plus Tour Tangent | Bonus Show".
With SLEEP WITH ME PLUS, it’ll be easier than ever to access your subscriber content. With just two clicks, you’ll be able to easily set up the subscriber feed on even more podcast apps than before, including Spotify!
Thumbnail for "1223 - Morning Dove Metaphor | All Intros 901 - 905 For NYE 2023".
This NYE will come to a sleepy close well before midnight where baby new years will lull you with intro after intro after intro.
Thumbnail for "1222 - Primordial Soup for Post X-Mas | All Intros 896 - 900".
All will be the bedtime version of a subdued merry and bright with this collection of intros that takes us into the 900s.
Thumbnail for "Scrooged | Tale of the Tape | Holiday Fav #622".
After tissues go off topic, Scoots looks back into the fragmented memories he has of “Scrooged” starring Bill Murray. What the world needs now is more tissue talk and aloe.
Thumbnail for "1221 - Dickens Tree Reading".
A reading of Dickens’ “A Christmas Tree” with plenty of pointless meanders and side trips and Scooter pitching Charles D on listening to Sleep With Me.
Thumbnail for "1220 - Santa Visits Mars (Part 2)".
Santa heads back to Mars and the kids get to help with some toy-making making sure everything stays fun and games, until the martians discover the spirit of Santa has been there all along.
Thumbnail for "1219 - Ray’s A Few of My Favorite Holiday Performings".
Instead of whispers on kittens playing with strings, you’ll get a tour of his favorite performance things.
Thumbnail for "1218 - Mars Visits Santa (Part 1)".
Turns out at bedtime on Mars, kids need something more than just TV, instead of a sleep podcast they turn to Kris Kringle for the help they need.
Thumbnail for "1217 - Holiday Lodge | Journey Into The World Of Friends Bonus Adventure".
How many lords will lulling leap as our heroes gather a host of holiday items so friends can celebrate their holidays together.
Thumbnail for "Christmas Vacation | Tale of the Tape | Holiday Favorite 628".
It will be a long winding journey down that holiday memory road with Clark and his family.
Thumbnail for "1216 - Toys R Us Kids 80s Holiday Flyers".
Let’s page through past paper pointlessly with the joy of toys and meanders.
Thumbnail for "1215 - Macy’s 2022 Thanksgiving Day Parade | With “Guest” Hosts - Bernie the Butterfly, Tommen aka Mikey, and Ser Pounce".
A recent vintage of parade to carry you off into seasonal slumber with all the special guests lulling down the lane.
Thumbnail for "1214 - Trible-Based Beds for Thanksgiving | All Intro 890 - 895".
Another corny cornucopia of intros to carry you off to dreamland over the holiday.
Thumbnail for "Snow Sledding | Listener Favorite #622".
A walk up a snowy hill from the bus stop and then a ride down the slopes.
Thumbnail for "1213 - Singing Song of Friendship | JIWOF 10".
You will be welcomed to the world for friends via a song that will not be sung or hummed only narrated in a way to help you journey to dreamland.
Thumbnail for "1212 - Gloomhaven | Bored Game Unboxing".
No gloom will loom over bedtime tonight as this will be full of friendly pointless meanders perfect for bedtime.
Thumbnail for "1211 - More Mulling Magazines".
Scooter takes a sleepy spin through some vintage parody paper.
Thumbnail for "1210 - Coolers of Water | Journey Into the World of Friends Ep9".
Everything starts coming together in the sleepiest way as our heroes visit an office and a storage room, and we finally get to meet the son of the Baron of the Boil and Veduel.
Thumbnail for "1209 - Erie Canal Museum | AI’s Version".
Sleep soundly as we hear from another member of the Cusack family who brings a new version of a Sleep With Me classic by way of a machine.
Thumbnail for "It's The Lulling Analysis of The Great Pumpkin - Season Special #456".
A Halloween classic gets slowly broken down into sleepy bits. You won't get any rocks unless they are really pillows. Settle into your bed as Linus digs in at the pumpkin patch and Charlie Brown deals with being himself.
Thumbnail for "1208 - Autumnal and Holiday Retrospective".
Fall asleep to this autumnal jaunt through our seasonal episodes past.
Thumbnail for "1207 - Pander the Green Panda | Journey Into the World of Friends Ep8".
A sleepy swamp allows the sun to shine in a sense while you fall asleep to new friends.
Thumbnail for "1206 - Avant-Garde Autumnal Awesome Evening | Universal Orlando 2022".
Scooter gets seasonal and sleepy with this silly celebration of fall fun.
Thumbnail for "1205 - Retrospective of Episodes 800 - 900".
Instead of gazing at a navel we will turn our fuzzy meanders into a sleepy look at one hundred episodes of the show.
Thumbnail for "1204 - Pumpkin Mash | Journey Into the World of Friends Ep7".
Sleepy and somewhat seasonal story of ramparts and friends and finding a key.
Thumbnail for "1203 - Garbanzo | TJ Shopping List".
A new style show to sleep while Scoots shops and meanders on what he will make.
Thumbnail for "1202 - Retrospective of Episodes 700-799".
Lulling look back into the past substance of this sleepy show.
Thumbnail for "1201 - Secret Stuffy Motivation | Journey Into The World Of Friends Ep 6".
Fleet of hand and foot leads to fun and fanfare with friends bookended by bedtimes.
Thumbnail for "1199 - House of Trick or Treating Buster Keaton | Silent Films Sleepers".
Buster goes on a sticky adventure where he will be silently saying “For the love of Kevin McCallister” while a mustache gets twirled.
Thumbnail for "1198 - Mary Bear Repair - Journey Into The World of Friends Ep5".
A sleepy spool of speaker wire leads to the slumbering sounds of Scoots and our friends.
Thumbnail for "1197 - Cloud Wrangler Interviews Scooter".
This guest flips the script in a way that is as cool as the other side of the pillow and as sleepy as a cloudy simile.
Thumbnail for "1196 - Balloon Buster Keaton | Silent Films Sleepers".
That’s no a butterfly in the dreamy sky it is Buster flying twice as high and off to dreamland.
Thumbnail for "1195 - Dog Quixote and Puppo Panza | Journey Into The World of Friends Ep4".
This is the lulling place where the first notes of friendship start to play.
Thumbnail for "1194 - Cool It Down with Ray | Magic Kingdom & Hollywood Studios".
Ray’s put in the footwork so you can find a carpeted floor to sit on and keep cool as performers real and mechanical lull you off to sleep.
Thumbnail for "1193 - Love’s Labor Lulls | All Intros 884-888".
Oops I meandered again, and again, and again to keep you company in the deep dark night resting like a baby.
Thumbnail for "Retrospective of Episodes 600 - 699 | Listener Fav #703".
The recap retrospective reaches a new era as present Scoots brings past Scoots into the fold to talk of recording and lessons learned.
Thumbnail for "1192 - Sherlock Jr. Buster Keaton | Silent Films Sleepers".
A rambling look at a candy box pricing mystery, sleepy without silence.
Thumbnail for "1191 - Pollywogs and Frogs | Journey Into The World of Friends Ep3".
Our lulling journey takes a friendly turn into the park to meet the pollywogs.
Thumbnail for "1190 - Summer Upstate New York".
Sleepy Sunday drives to dreamland good for any day or night.
Thumbnail for "Retrospective of Episodes 500 - 599 | Listener Fav #700".
A superdull overview covers some old favorites, some friendly pals, and some episodes that I can’t remember for the life of me.
Thumbnail for "1189 - Charlie and Wonka and The Tale of the Tape Part 2".
Come with me and you’ll be in a world purely pointless tangent, they will spin and you win a bedtime so sleepy.
Thumbnail for "1188 - Main Street | Journey Into The World of Friends Ep2".
Our adventure continues…to get started. What could be better for bedtime than best buds bonding and building a world of friends.
Thumbnail for "1187 - Unintended Compliment | Bore to Win ".
A lulling seminar brings bedtime and paint mixing into one lulling happy meander.
Thumbnail for "Lake Ontario, Can I Call You Teri? Listener Favorites #570 (On Location)".
As the lake rolls, Scoots strolls…down memory lane, of his long intimate relationship with the greatest of the Great Lakes.
Thumbnail for "1186 - Willy Wonka Tale of the Tape Part 1".
Who can take a movie? Meander it to nonsense, put in some tangents that are fully pointless? Scooter can, Scooter can…
Thumbnail for "1185 - Journey Into the World of Friends Ep1".
Get cozy as we gather together and read a letter from the DM and then return to the adventure of friendship with a side of creation.
Thumbnail for "1184 - Air Guitar | Truly Forgettable Tales".
Part personal essay, with a side of meanders mixed with a busker and the Purple Peoples Circus all comes together for a perfect bedtime busker benefactor.
Thumbnail for "Relay Races in East LA | Listener Favorite #486".
A lullboy from the stars brings you the lulls like a moon based Diego Luna pun peddling proxy.
Thumbnail for "1183 - The Return | Mandaborian on the Mandalorian S3E8".
The great forge may not be for pizza but you can count on your sheep you’ll get sleep and this episode will end well since I know I’ll talk about light fixtures.
Thumbnail for "1182 - Loving Dancing Meanders | Make Great Pets 13 in Review".
Gently remove your sleepy Sunday slippers while Scoots talks about how this season came together and where it ended up going.
Thumbnail for "1181 - Jaipur | Bored Game Unboxing".
Bored game unboxing full of sleepy colors and textures that will exchange whatever is keeping you awake for your borefriend keeping you company.
Thumbnail for "Summer Fearless Flyers | Subscriber Summer ".
Scooter opens up the Patreon Vault to give you a tasty TJ’s morsel of Fearless Flyer Recaps from years gone by
Thumbnail for "1180 - Keeping You Company | All Intros 879-883".
Another round of intros to carry you off to dreamland during a long holiday weekend.
Thumbnail for "Subscriber Summer Preview ".
Sleep With Me does what it says on the tin for the people it works for. This is a little meander about Subscriber Summer, you don’t want to miss out on some of the sweet extras
Thumbnail for "Brainbot Entertainer of the Year 2016 | Listener Fav #480 ".
I’ll be tasting the sweet victory of awards based on overuse of trove. With diamonds on my butt I’ll dream of a “Three Neils Tour”.
Thumbnail for "1179 - Holy Terry Gilliam - Mandaborian on Mandalorian S3E7".
Soon you will rest as this bedtime return to Mandalore will surely be a bore.
Thumbnail for "1178 - Footloose Star Light Sheep | Make Great Pets 12".
Rin and Cinda meet out on the edge of someplace, somewhere, out there, where all will be well.
Thumbnail for "1177 - Ray’s Fair Father Figure Day".
A county fair and a six flags with plenty of sleepy savings tips to carry you gently off to dreamland with your friend Ray.
Thumbnail for "Kmart Earrings | Listener Favorite #495".
A dreamy map will lead a man in meanderwear to Beaver Lake Nature Center. A misty memory will drift by, a tale of my first arranged girlfriend and a trip to Kmart to buy earrings.
Thumbnail for "1176 - Finding Droid Bars | Mandaborian on Mandalorian Chapter 21 S3E6".
Sometimes for bed you go to the place where every droid knows their name. Finding new friends just in time for bed, you’ll travel by tubes and see a dreamland.
Thumbnail for "1175 - Moving Ant Farm | Make Great Pets E11".
Rin gets close to the truth of helping humans as a collective pet in a place full of meandering paths to packing.
Thumbnail for "1174 - PizzeRizzo - Orlando Parkstop - Stop Hate Fundraiser".
A visit to a very muppety pizza place perfect for pillowtime.
Thumbnail for "1173 - I Know Dino Crossover".
This episode will be full of feathered friends flying you off to dreamland.
Thumbnail for "1172 - Funk Strunk & Wagnalls | All Intros 798-802".
One encyclopedic meander at a time through this collection of intros will have you nodding off with every element of sleepy style.
Thumbnail for "1171 - Pirates of Navarroribbean | Mandaborian on Mandalorian Chapter 21 S3E5".
A slow sleepy journey from one former covert to another, with a Saturday night stopover with a principal and his pal Elia Kane aka KOB aka TK2755.
Thumbnail for "1170 - Breezy Ticket | Make Great Pets E10".
Rin helps someone who is helping benefit a benefactor that mostly involves a piece of paper floating on the wind.
Thumbnail for "1169 - Thoughts n Things".
Just in time to bore bedtime is a new place for brainbots to shop.
Thumbnail for "Realtime Wall Bed Assembly - Listener Favorite #433".
As you lay in bed, I’ll assemble one. As you drift off, I’ll ramble on about budgets and building. As you sleep, I’ll dream of a bed that builds itself.
Thumbnail for "1168 - The Foundling | Mandaborian on Mandalorian Chapter 20 S3E4".
Your dreams will be painted on with rollerballs while your drapes don perspirant and at some point the Mando meanders will fly like a bird.
Thumbnail for "1167 - Engineered Adventure | Make Great Pets E9".
Rin helps Latte and Cornelius find a comfortable adventure. This episode is dedicated to my friend and friend of the show Cornelia R.
Thumbnail for "1166 - New Blue Milk | May the Fourth Be With You".
One part Bantha, one part cosplay with a dash of Wendy Mirstrap to take you off the dreamland.
Thumbnail for "1165 - The Convert | Mandalorian by The Mandoborian Chapter 19 S3E3".
Biscuits, forges, popsicles, and train rides on Coruscant bring together old friends and new.
Thumbnail for "1164 - Radio Night Water Visits Lucoland".
More meanders from the amazing Night Water newsletter by Adam Cecil. This time we pour you a cool cup of bubbly luco while we check out what’s next- Night Water Park!
Thumbnail for "1163 - The Mines Of Mandalore | Mandaborian on Mandalorian Chapter 18 S3E2".
Splash, splish a sleepy wish as Mando and Oso head off for a bath, with a stop off at very different build a bear workshop just in time for Bo-Katan to save the day.
Thumbnail for "1162 - Futurist Model UN | Make Great Pets E8".
A zooming good bedtime is delivered as a team of students tries to plan for the future while Rin models good behavior.
Thumbnail for "1161 - Writers Pack XL Unboxing and More".
Scooter plays his cards from the newest Writers Super Helpful XL pack.
Thumbnail for "1160 - The Apostate | Mandaborian on Mandalorian Chapter 17 S3E1".
This episode will be oh so sweet and sleepy as we catch up with our old friends.
Thumbnail for "1159 - Show Within a Show | All Intros 793-797".
Tune into WMAC radio for the sleepy structure of an intro that is familiar but different each time.
Thumbnail for "Imaginary Friend Reunion | Listener Favorite 377".
Rest your head as I try and rekindle a lost friendship.
Thumbnail for "1158 - Mystery Sampler | Make Great Pets E7".
Rin helps you sleep by trying to help a budding youtuber find their way.
Thumbnail for "1157 - Come on In Bedtime Edition".
A sleepy little textbook and the only thing you will need is your covers.
Thumbnail for "1156 - Chain of Command Pt2 | Sleep with TNG S6 E11".
Picard gives us a bedtime lesson is keeping his self esteem even when eating deviled eggs.
Thumbnail for "1155 - Bosun Castle Mysteries | Make Great Pets E6".
A trip to Eye island, has Rin sleeping on a train, in a boat and at a summer camp, I’ll say aye to that.
Thumbnail for "1154 - The Pickle Carver".
A lulling trip to the library leads to a lovely hobby.
Thumbnail for "1153 - Chain of Command Pt1 | Sleep with TNG S6 E10".
Bedtime meanders as Cardassians and Cox’s crew play hide and seek somewhere.
Thumbnail for "1152 - Elephant and Abacus | Make Great Pets Ep5".
Rin helps find a sleepy solution that meanders into a classic compound tale of rice and being nice.
Thumbnail for "1151 - Ray Reads Receipts 2023".
As bedtime Scooter salve for filing season as Ray goes through a bag of stuff from vacations.
Thumbnail for "1150 - Geordi Love Story | Sleep With TNG S3E6".
Like a bedtime bird surprise this title change will take you back to the holodeck where the engines of the Enterprise will rev you right off to sleep.
Thumbnail for "1149 - Tournament of Bands | Make Great Pets Ep4".
Bedtime is back to school and those big band battles for fun, this one is extra complicated so you will hop off to dreamland like a bunny with a cottontail.
Thumbnail for "1148 - Mad Magazine  | Issue 172 April 1976".
What you won’t have to worry about at bedtime is me being there to ramble as you for asleep, you can count sheep on that!
Thumbnail for "1147 - Hollow Pursuits | Sleep With TNG S3E21".
This Barclay will be bank for bedtime with some misadventures with Musketeers.
Thumbnail for "1146 - Neverending Sleepy Stories | All Intros 793-797".
You can't have sleep without a PE in a different order, so you might as well fall asleep.
Thumbnail for "Listener Favorite 659 - Rom Com Con".
Scooter tries to write a Rom-Com about notifications and ends up starting a convention that already exists.
Thumbnail for "1145 - Don't Fall In Love In Biology Lab".
We return to Romcomcon at Romcon for another love story presented by the most imaginary dating app never made, Datemoi.
Thumbnail for "1144 - Greatest Cereal Ever | Make Great Pets Episode 3".
Rin is there to help Ziva with the best cereal selection to keep everyone happy at breakfast and bedtime.
Thumbnail for "1143 - Not So Quiet Stenographer ".
When the moon and the sun compete the only way to make is sleepy is with some active yet lulling stenography.
Thumbnail for "1142 - Casserole O’Brien | Sleep With TNG S4E12".
A focus on song and good choices will bring calm sleep tonight, we changed the title of this episode thanks to duet delight.
Thumbnail for "1141 - Purdy and the Android Twin | Make Great Pets E2".
Lulling love lended to our ears with Lucia and Lucinda and a birdie named Purdy.
Thumbnail for "1140 - Knocks in a Bottle".
When the forgotten spare change jar of podcasting finds a bottle bobbing you know it is bedtime.
Thumbnail for "1139 - Ensign Ro | Sleep With TNG S5E3".
Guinan is a friend indeed, that helps our new friend Ro Laren and fills your sleepy needs.
Thumbnail for "1138 - Make Great Pets | Episode 1".
Join a sleepy training program where pets are helped in helping.
Thumbnail for "1137 - Giant Friendly Fish | Crossover with Quiet Journeys of Professor Atwood".
A big smile on a big fish having fun, what better for bedtime that another Quiet Journey with Professor Atwood.
Thumbnail for "1136 - Lower Decks | Sleeping With TNG S7E15".
Not the series but the episode that may have launched it, this time it will be a landing pad for dreamland.
Thumbnail for "1135 - Wrapping up Nuns in Space".
Lets put you and this series to bed with a fuzzy look back at how it all came together in a cloudy delusional way.
Thumbnail for "1134 - Unboxing Hive Bottoms | Bored Game Unboxing".
Scooter unboxes a few games old and new.
Thumbnail for "1133 - NYE All Intros 788-792".
Sleep With Me is here at bedtime and to help you close our your year, we will bore to win and soothe some skin you off to dreamland.
Thumbnail for "Real Time Stuffing and Mashed Potatoes | Sleep With Me Listener Favorites #474".
Punch without lines pours out like a novocaine flashback, numb and mumbly. We head to Trader Joe’s to kick a side dish party. When bake time arrives we build some expired gingerbread houses.
Thumbnail for "The Christmas Tree That Took a Walk | Untold Holiday Tales | Listener Favorites #468".
One of the great untold holiday tales gets told tonight. After Scoots talks about goo-brain he introduces us to Daryl the Christmas tree. Daryl was a tree that would not quit. Ideally, you will rest while Daryl keeps going. Destination = Sugar Plum Dreams.
Thumbnail for "1132 - Great British Bake Off Holidays 2018".
A new episode where we join our bakers Liam and Flo along with new friends Jane and Andrew as we recap you off to dreamland.
Thumbnail for "1131 - Carols with the Clomps".
A new holiday tradition is unclogged that will have you dreaming of dance and story via sleep. For the love of Flatley.
Thumbnail for "1130 - Fantastic Christmas Voyage | Sleeping with Doctor Who Holiday".
Come along and join The Doctor on one fantastic voyage, it went so far over Scooter’s head that he had no idea Kylie Minogue was Astrid, so you can sleep through all of it.
Thumbnail for "1129 - Heart of Delusion | Nuns in Space S3 E12".
A mopping song helps bring this bedtime story to a close, will delusion be saved? (Sleep well and don’t worry the delusion will be fine.
Thumbnail for "1128 - Holiday Toy Catalog (from the 80’s!)".
Take a newsprint trip via Pennys and Sears to a toyland in one boys mind.
Thumbnail for "1127 - Very Lasso Holiday | Carol of the Bells".
Lulls via a very Lasso Holidays are extra special. Actually Scoots the actual movie is called “Love Actually”.
Thumbnail for "1126 - Captain Phantasma | Nuns In Space S3 E11".
Get your VR headset ready for a soothing virtual retreat off to dreamland with your favorite freestyle sentient soda machine Stan.
Thumbnail for "1125 - 2013 Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade".
Lulls come from the past, with Motown, Matilda, Pippin, Amy, Ariana, and so much more.
Thumbnail for "1124 - Stuffing Day Old Intros | All-Intros ".
We tuck you in will a bunch of intros from back in the late 700's for a taste of lulls 2019 style.
Thumbnail for "1123 - Pampered Planet Pickle | Nuns in Space S3 E10".
Scooter spends some time at a light, helping everyone pass the time, while Stan finds sleepy challenges with the highway to a pamper zone.
Thumbnail for "1122 - Nana’s Book of Quotations".
Once there was Barlett’s book but Scooter makes it all meanders.
Thumbnail for "1121 - Hope That Gets You | Lulling With Lasso S1 E10".
Ted and team close a chapter with caring and carrying you off the dreamland.
Thumbnail for "Introducing: Chasing Sleep - Episode 4: The Reality of Gaming".
Tonight we get to introduce you to Chasing Sleep a new podcast about sleep (and so much more). You can check out the podcast right now in your podcast app just search for Chasing Sleep.
Thumbnail for "1120 - Water Bearers | Nuns in Space S3 E9".
Stan and Scooter embark on a sleepy non-professional relationship, sounds. like a dream unless it is all wet.
Thumbnail for "1119 - Indie Magic by Mail | Magic Unboxing".
We start out with a whole kit that ends up as a meandering bag of magic caboodle.
Thumbnail for "1118 - All Apologies | Lulling With Lasso S1 E9".
No need to apologize if you only just barely listen to these lulls around Lasso.
Thumbnail for "1117 - Gerbils and Trains | Nuns in Space S3 E8".
Lots of unexpected meanders in this one and an intro with an ode to Hollywood ponders.
Thumbnail for "1116 - Ray at Knott’s Autumnal Joy Farm".
Ray and Scooter find fall fun that puts all the lulls in avant-garde.
Thumbnail for "Classic Comeback - Costume Nostalgia Ep 609".
Pulling a classic out of the past for the trick or treat season! Kissed by a nuclear pillow and give the power to lull you off to dreamland, Scooter meanders through the K-mart aisles and middle school dances in his mind.
Thumbnail for "1115 - The Diamond Dogs | Lulling with Lasso S1 E8".
Ted and the dream team hit the cork while Scooter meanders all about.
Thumbnail for "1114 - Edge of Space Candy | Nuns in Space S3 E7".
When Halloween gives you TP, make streamers, and don’t forget about the treats.