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The WUNCPolitics Podcast is a free-flowing discussion of what we're hearing in the back hallways of the General Assembly and on the campaign trail across North Carolina.Sign up for our free, weekly WUNC Politics Newsletter here.

2022 WUNC Podcasts

The WUNCPolitics Podcast is a free-flowing discussion of what we're hearing in the back hallways of the General Assembly and on the campaign trail across North Carolina.Sign up for our free, weekly WUNC Politics Newsletter here.

2022 WUNC Podcasts
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Thumbnail for "Meet the ECU student who defeated a 10-term NC lawmaker".
Thumbnail for "NC's only unaffiliated congressional candidate charts a unique path".
Thumbnail for "Private records: A look at NC legislature's transparency problems".
Thumbnail for "The Tuscarora Nation's long struggle for recognition in NC".
Thumbnail for "State auditor candidates face off in rare statewide runoff election".
Thumbnail for "Previewing the 2024 legislative session with Sen. Gale Adcock".
Thumbnail for "Social studies teacher from 'the Neglected Northeast' wins NC House seat".
Thumbnail for "Making sense of NC's primary results".
Thumbnail for "Big changes for 2024 voters under new election laws".
Thumbnail for "NC 2024 primary: Races to watch on the Republican Party ballot".
Thumbnail for "NC 2024 primary: Races to watch on the Democratic Party ballot".
Thumbnail for "Main Street NC: Murphy's struggle to quiet a cryptocurrency mine".
Thumbnail for "Main Street NC: Star's quest to replace 100-year-old infrastructure".
Thumbnail for "Main Street NC: Lumbees help turn Robeson County toward GOP".
Thumbnail for "Main Street NC: Hurricane-ravaged downtown rebuilds on higher ground".
Thumbnail for "Main Street NC: 'Tremendous change' in the state's fastest-growing town".
Thumbnail for "Main Street NC: The state's fastest-shrinking towns seek a turnaround".
Thumbnail for "With new GOP-advantage redistricting maps, where do NC Democrats go from here?".
Thumbnail for "A slew of environmental changes become law as NC lawmakers override vetoes".
Grady O’Brien of the North Carolina Conservation Network joins WUNC’s Colin Campbell to dig into the details of new laws — from a shift toward more nuclear power to efforts to pave the way for a new natural gas pipeline.
Thumbnail for "A long-awaited budget bill passes and casinos strike out".
A high-drama week at the North Carolina legislature brought quick action on an overdue state budget, following a decision by Republican leaders to drop a proposal to add four new casinos in rural counties.
Thumbnail for "Happy hours and Sunday ABC store runs: NC reconsiders alcohol laws".
New legislation would legalize happy hour drink specials, take-out cocktails and Sunday hours at ABC stores.
Thumbnail for "Key senator talks budget delays, vetoes and eastern NC".
A hectic one-day session at the legislature resulted in six veto overrides and an effort to weaken the governor’s appointment powers — but no state budget deal.
Thumbnail for "Top NC House Democrat criticizes legislature's slow summer".
House Democratic Leader Robert Reives talks with Colin Campbell about the impacts of budget delays on state employees and Medicaid expansion.
Thumbnail for "Sen. Marc Basnight's legacy building the Outer Banks".
Author Clark Twiddy discusses his new book, “Outer Banks Visionaries: Building North Carolina’s Oceanfront,” looking at the legacy of former Senate leader Marc Basnight.
Thumbnail for "NC House majority leader talks budget, hurricanes and the next speaker".
House Majority Leader John Bell explains budget delays, the status of recently vetoed bills and proposed casino legislation.
Thumbnail for "Big elections changes are in the works for NC – but nothing's final yet".
As the legislature starts to wind down, sweeping proposed changes to North Carolina elections are still on the table – and could have a big effect on the 2024 elections.
Thumbnail for "2024 NC primary election preview".
Primaries for top NC offices are already attracting plenty of candidates — and potential candidates. To help us sort through who’s running and how the campaigns will play out, as well as how much they’ll cost, WUNC Capitol Bureau Chief Colin Campbell is joined by longtime political consultant Brad Crone and Anna Beavon Gravely of NCFREE.
Thumbnail for "A look at bills you probably missed as NC legislature nears the finish line".
Dozens of bills have passed the House and Senate in the past week alone, and many of them haven’t gotten much attention. North Carolina Tribune Editor Ray Gronberg helps us catch up on the noteworthy bills.
Thumbnail for "A transgender perspective on NC sports, healthcare bills".
Transgender advocate and Iraq War veteran Vivian Taylor joins WUNC Capitol Bureau Chief Colin Campbell to discuss her perspective on what new legislation on healthcare and sports will mean for trans North Carolinians.
Thumbnail for "An NC House moderate legislator's experience in a polarized House".
N.C. Rep. Garland Pierce joins WUNC Capitol Bureau Chief Colin Campbell to explain his thinking on issues like transgender athlete restrictions, election law changes and more
Thumbnail for "Are proposed state employee raises enough to fix government's staffing crisis?".
N.C. House and Senate budget writers are negotiating how much state workers will get in raises — at a time when nearly a quarter of positions in state government are vacant.
Thumbnail for "Can medical marijuana find support in the NC House?".
N.C. House Republicans are meeting soon to discuss whether they’ll pass a Senate bill to legalize medical marijuana. The bill's three Senate sponsors joined the podcast to discuss the details of their proposal.
Thumbnail for "The Senate budget's salary challenge, and an abortion veto override".
The N.C. Senate’s budget is approved, setting up negotiations with the House over tax cuts and how much state employees will get in their paychecks. But the budget debate was overshadowed by this week’s veto override on new abortion restrictions. Sen. Kandie Smith, D-Pitt, joins WUNC Capitol Bureau Chief Colin Campbell to sort through a busy week at the legislature.
Thumbnail for "Tackling NC's mental health challenges with $1 billion".
State legislators are considering how to spend about $1 billion in federal funding to address mental health care. Sen. Jim Burgin, R-Harnett, co-chairs health committees in the Senate and talks with WUNC Capitol Bureau Chief Colin Campbell about his ideas for fixing mental health.
Thumbnail for "Abortion, transgender restrictions dominate a busy crossover week at NC legislature".
North Carolina’s legislature passed more than 100 different bills this week as it rushed to reach a “crossover” deadline. The agenda included several controversial pieces of conservative social legislation: A ban on abortions after 12 weeks of pregnancy, a ban on gender transition surgery for people under 18, and a repeal of the state’s concealed-carry gun permit requirements.
Thumbnail for "With shrinking revenues, NC lawmakers seek new ways to pay for transportation".
A shift to electric and fuel-efficient vehicles has left North Carolina with a shortage of revenue to pay for roads and other transportation needs — even as the state’s population booms and traffic gets worse. WUNC Capitol Bureau Chief Colin Campbell talks with Sen. Mike Woodard, D-Durham, about a bipartisan effort to find new sources of revenue to replace the gas tax.
Thumbnail for "House speaker talks abortion, marijuana – and a trip to Ukraine".
N.C. House Republicans are getting close to a consensus on how they’ll approach new abortion restrictions, medical marijuana legislation and private school vouchers.
Thumbnail for "Asian American legislators will form new AAPI caucus".
Rep. Maria Cervania, D-Wake, is one of the first two Asian American women to be elected to the North Carolina legislature. She talks with WUNC’s Colin Campbell about why that representation is important.
Thumbnail for "Key NC House leader talks budget, party switch, and gambling".
Days after Rep. Tricia Cotham cited personal attacks as part of her decision to switch to the Republican Party, state Rep. Jason Saine, R-Lincoln, shares his thoughts on today’s bitter political environment with WUNC Capitol Bureau Chief Colin Campbell.
Thumbnail for "The legislative session begins, and a podcast host says goodbye".
State lawmakers are easing into their months-long session with bill filings, press conferences and committee meetings. Among the items on the horizon are budgets, abortion regulations and mental health funding. State Representative John Bell IV (R-Wayne), Senator Sydney Batch (D-Wake) and Rose Hoban, founder and editor at NC Health News, all share expectations for this legislative session. And later, Capitol Bureau Chief Jeff Tiberii signs off, with some reflections following eight years on the political beat.
Thumbnail for "A 2022 North Carolina politics year in review ".
There was, a lot, that happened in state politics across the last 12 months: Redistricting fights, budget deals, a landmark Leandro ruling, a primary was delayed, Congressman Cawthorn and Governor McCrory suffered bad defeats, Roe was upended, and neither Medicaid nor sports gambling was yet expanded. In a review of 2022, Rob Schofield and Clark Riemer think back on the year, dole out some coal, and reflect on the departures of three long-serving members of Congress.
Thumbnail for "Where do NC Democrats go now? ".
After losing every statewide race during the November midterm, Democrats are licking their wounds and considering what they should do next. On this episode of The Politics Podcast, a number of progressives discuss what the party can do better, policy worth pursuing, and who might be the face of their efforts.
Thumbnail for "Power returns, Tillis negotiates, and justices consider a new normal ".
This week in state politics, a major redistricting case landed before the U.S. Supreme Court. Meanwhile, power turned back on and a curfew was lifted in Moore County, where gunfire vandalism to two substations left many in the dark. Clark Riemer and Rob Schofield discuss those stories, as well as what to make of the comprising role Senator Thom Tillis has carved out for himself on Capitol Hill.
Thumbnail for "Is SCOTUS holding a democracy grenade with Moore v. Harper?".
On Wednesday, the U.S. Supreme Court is hearing oral arguments in a case from North Carolina – Moore v. Harper. The case stems from congressional redistricting that began a year ago. At the heart of the argument from North Carolina Republican lawmakers is something called the independent state legislature theory. In practice, it holds the potential to significantly upend who has power of federal election administration. On this episode of the Politics Podcast, Jeff talks with Charles Stewart, political science professor at MIT, and Evan Caminker, counsel to the Conference of Chief Justices, about the validity of the ISL doctrine.
Thumbnail for "Legislative leadership unchanged, a major federal elections case heads to SCOTUS".
This week in North Carolina politics, rank-and-file Republican state lawmakers again threw their support behind a couple of well-known leaders. On Capitol Hill, Senators Richard Burr and Thom Tillis voted with Democrats on the Respect for Marriage Act. And next week, the U.S. Supreme Court hears arguments in a case with the potential to significantly alter federal elections. In our weekly review, Rob Schofield and Clark Riemer discuss the details.
Thumbnail for "Is a 'Digital Civil War' on the horizon?".
The landscape of a post-Roe world is still taking shape. There are many questions lingering about access to reproductive healthcare, as well as personal information and online privacy. On this episode of The Politics Podcast Matt Perault, Director of the Center on Technology Policy at UNC Chapel Hill, details some of the policy inconsistencies and forecasts what could happen next.
Thumbnail for "Unpacking the midterms results ".
While a red wave didn’t materialize nationally, conservatives in North Carolina found very favorable results. On this episode of The Politics Podcast, three analysts offer insight on the electorate, and where state and American politics may head next.
Thumbnail for "Election impacts ".
North Carolina’s election results were largely favorable to Republicans on Tuesday night. On this episode of The Politics Podcast, Clark Riemer and Rob Schofield discuss what influenced the outcomes, why down-ballot candidates performed well, and where each party has room for improvement.
Thumbnail for "Election Day breakdown: GOP just shy of supermajority in NC House".
Republicans had a strong night in North Carolina on Tuesday, winning all seven statewide contests, and securing one supermajority in the state Senate. However, they fell one seat shy of a second veto-proof majority in the state House. On this episode of the politics podcast Will Michaels and Jeff Tiberii breakdown what the new landscape means and what could happen next.
Thumbnail for "Governor Cooper forms commission, Election Day predictions ".
With just a few days before the polls close and the 2022 Midterm results are announced, Rob Schofield and Clark Riemer offer some expectations for Tuesday night and discuss what stood out in this election cycle. Meanwhile, Governor Roy Cooper has tapped former UNC System Presidents Margaret Spellings and Tom Ross to review appointment procedures, but is it a commission Republicans will cooperate with?
Thumbnail for "A forecast for election night".
With Election Day looming, WUNC’s Jeff Tiberii talks with a mix of journalists, a political scientist, a strategist, and a leading House Republican. They offer takeaways on what race is the most important on the ballot and what they will be watching most closely on Tuesday night, as well as a possible headline for November 9.
Thumbnail for "Early voting in full swing, SCOTUS briefs pour in".
A million ballots have now been cast in North Carolina. But what, if anything, does the early turnout tell us? And in Washington, D.C., many briefs were filed in a case out of North Carolina that SCOTUS will hear in December. Clark Riemer and Rob Schofield discuss those stories in our weekly review of state politics.
Thumbnail for "An authentic longshot candidate".
Courtney Geels is running for the U.S. House of Representatives this midterm. Her chances of victory are exceedingly slim, yet the Republican is still campaigning with a purpose, hoping to pull off an upset of the century. On this episode of The Politics Podcast, Geels discusses why she decided to run for Congress, what she has learned, and some of the issues most important to her.
Thumbnail for "Political winds shift, another shooting aftermath".
This week, many continued to grieve following a horrific act in northeast Raleigh. With one-stop early voting underway, the proverbial political winds might have shifted. And, new details in the state’s incentives package that lured Apple to RTP. Rob Schofield and Clark Riemer discuss those stories in their review of the week in state politics.
Thumbnail for "Important and obscure: North Carolina's judicial elections".
Voters will decide two state Supreme Court races this midterm, with the results potentially shifting partisan control of the bench. The fact that North Carolina even has partisan judicial elections is uncommon. On this episode of The Politics Podcast, Michael Crowell discusses some of the pitfalls for how our state handles judicial elections, and why these races are so important.
Thumbnail for "A heavy-handed search ".
A new report details political meddling as part of the search for a new chancellor at UNC Wilmington. Meanwhile, there are concerning vacancy rates at one state agency. And is there any possible replacement for political debates? Clark Riemer and Rob Schofield discuss all this in our weekly review of North Carolina politics.
Thumbnail for "In Wake County referenda on schools, community college, parks".
This fall, voters in Wake County will decide whether to approve three bonds – totaling more than $1 billion – to support new public schools, major improvements to community college infrastructure, and an improvement to several Raleigh city parks. WUNC reporter Jason deBruyn details the ballot questions, and forecasts their chances of earning approval.
Thumbnail for "Beasley and Budd debate in NC, as national Democrats spend elsewhere".
Cheri Beasley and Ted Budd meet Friday night for their only scheduled debate. The U.S. Senate hopefuls will try to land a memorable moment while avoiding any sort of gaff. Meanwhile, new reports detail the lack of success within two education initiatives. In our weekly discussion, Rob Schofield and Clark Riemer review some of the leading stories of the week.
Thumbnail for "A supermajority fight in the NC House".
Republicans already hold comfortable majorities in the state House. This fall, conservatives hope to expand their margins and avoid the threat of gubernatorial vetoes. With several Democrats playing defense, some races have turned heated, and increasingly expensive. On this episode of The Politics Podcast, Jeff Tiberii lays out the battleground districts in the House.
Thumbnail for "Campaign ads turn nasty, and a visit from the treasury secretary".
With absentee voting underway and weeks until early voting begins, campaign advertisements are in full swing. In their weekly review of state politics, Clark Riemer and Rob Schofield discuss photoshopping, using death for political gain, and how they are handling the endless solicitations this election cycle.
Thumbnail for "Battling for a supermajority in the NC Senate".
Perhaps the most important battle on the North Carolina ballot this November is the fight for supermajorities. In the state Senate, Republicans need to net two seats in order to achieve a veto-proof majority. Jeff Tiberii discusses some of the legislative battleground districts.
Thumbnail for "Senate leader Phil Berger talks midterms, migration, and his future".
Rockingham County Republican Phil Berger is the most influential elected official in North Carolina politics. He has presided over the state Senate since 2011 and overseen a historic shift in state government. Berger returns to The Politics Podcast for a wide-ranging conversation, including election strategy, the judiciary, and what could be done to reduce the political temperature in our country.
Thumbnail for "Hurricane recovery program a residual disaster".
State Lawmakers criticized the slow pace of a state office charged with rebuilding homes following Hurricanes Matthew and Florence. Meanwhile, this week in state politics, the two major party candidates in an open U.S. Senate race agreed to an October debate. Rob Schofield and Clark Riemer discuss those stories, and also weigh-in on upcoming visits to the state by former President Donald Trump and Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene.
Thumbnail for "The uncertainties of polling".
In recent election cycles that results of political horserace polling has been deeply flawed. Pollsters have adjusted some of their methodology ahead of the 2022 Midterm, yet questions linger. And journalists continue to treat polls results like a sports scoreboard, even if the surveys are not designed to be predictive. On this episode of The Politics Podcast Scott Keeter, Senior Survey Analyst at Pew Research Center, and David McLennan, Director of the Meredith College Poll discuss recent lessons learned and what could be different this fall.
Thumbnail for "A constitutional conundrum".
The North Carolina Supreme Court heard arguments in the decades-old Leandro case – again – last week. The litigation is all about public school funding in the state, and competing clauses within the state constitution. On this episode of The Politics Podcast education reporter Liz Schlemmer reviews the hearing, forecasts some of the possible next steps, and reminds listeners what the practical impacts as for children.
Thumbnail for "Leandro with another big hearing, VP Harris stop in NC".
A decades old legal challenge about the quality of public-school education landed before the state Supreme Court – again – this week. Meanwhile Vice President Kamala Harris stopped in Durham, however, one notable Democrat was no in attendance. Clark Riemer and Rob Schofield discusses those news events, as well as the North Carolina NAACP losing its tax-exempt status.
Thumbnail for "North Carolina’s only toss-up US House race".
Among a number of interesting political races set to play out during this 2022 midterm, is an open congressional contest in the Triangle. And while plenty of money and attention will be spent in NC-13, the winner is hardly a homegrown candidate. On this episode of The Politics Podcast, Meredith College Political Science Professor David McLennan discusses the state’s lone congressional race that is expected to be close this fall.
Thumbnail for "Berger talks abortion, Biden offers forgiveness ".
This week in state politics state Senate leader Phil Berger discussed the prospect of abortion legislation. Meanwhile one candidate for the NC General Assembly faces allegations that she doesn’t live in the district she hopes to serve. And the President eliminated some college debt, though a legal challenge could loom. Rob Schofield and Clark Riemer review on this episode of The Politics Podcast
Thumbnail for "Midterm fundamentals: strategizing for November".
With less than two months until early voting begins, campaign advertisements are increasing in frequency as attention turns toward the Midterm. On this episode of The Politics Podcast, Rusty Jacobs speaks with GOP strategist Paul Shumaker, and Catawba College Political Science Professor Michael Bitzer about wedge issue, suburban voters, and a legislative supermajority that hangs in the balance.
Thumbnail for "Should a gerrymandered legislature face limits?".
The state Supreme Court halted two voter-backed constitutional amendments from taking effect on Friday, siding with an argument from the NAACP that a racially gerrymandered NC General Assembly lacks some legitimacy. Meanwhile, the Attorney General faces a criminal campaign investigation, and one Congressional hopeful may – or may not – know the difference between a department store and a development democracy. Clark Riemer and Rob Schofield seek to make some sense of this week’s state political news.
Thumbnail for "Cooper: The Upcoming Election Is 'Life-Changing'".
An interview with North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper
Thumbnail for "NC Attorney General faces ongoing campaign investigation".
Nearly two years after a campaign advertisement aired across the state, legal questions remain unanswered. Did the Attorney General’s campaign violate a near century-old law with a claim made during the ad? Will there be a prosecution? And what are the long-term political ramifications? On this episode of the Politics Podcast Raleigh News & Observer reporter Will Doran lays out what we know about an ongoing criminal investigation, and what might come next.
Thumbnail for "Public school teachers talk morale ".
A notable number of North Carolina public school teachers are leaving. In Durham one in five educators is departing, and other local districts are experiencing higher than usual turnover. On this episode of The Politics Podcast several teachers discuss their reasons for leaving the classroom, while others explain why they have stayed.
Thumbnail for "New NC budget includes raises for public school teachers and more money for scholarship program ".
On Monday the Governor signed a nearly $28 billion state budget into law. As is customary, a majority of the plan goes toward education. On this episode of The Politics Podcast, WUNC Liz Schlemmer offers some analysis on the K-12 public education portion of the budget: what it means for educators and charter schools, among other elements.
Thumbnail for "Abortion compromise remains elusive, as Governor issues executive order".
This week in North Carolina politics, Governor Roy Cooper signed an executive order related to abortion issues. Meanwhile, he did not yet act on the state budget, which the Legislature sent to him a week ago. In our Friday review, Rob Schofield and Clark Riemer discuss those stories, America’s latest mass shooting, and the future of the Atlantic Coast Conference.
Thumbnail for "NC Green Party Denied Ballot Access".
Volunteers, staff, and prospective candidates worked to secure thousands of signatures so that the Green Party would have a spot on the 2022 North Carolina ballot. However, a couple of hundred of signatures were deemed fraudulent. And last week the state board of elections voted not to certify the party. On this episode of The Politics Podcast, Green Party member Matthew Hoh discusses how this happened, and the challenges of a political system dominated by two parties.
Thumbnail for "Supreme Court to hear North Carolina case that could fundamentally transform federal elections  ".
This week in state politics, legislators debate a spending plan that sets aside billions, provides raises, and seeks to weather an inflation storm. Meanwhile, at the U.S. Supreme Court, four justices agreed to hear a challenge related to the independence – and unchecked power – of state legislatures. In our Friday review, Donna King of the conservative Carolina Journal and Rob Schofield from the progressive NC Policy Watch review.
Thumbnail for "The budget is in".
Republican legislative leaders have come to a budget deal. The nearly $28 billion proposal is expected to receive bipartisan backing by the end of the week. However, it does not include Medicaid Expansion, likely leaving the Governor less than thrilled. Meanwhile the General Assembly short session is nearing a conclusion. WRAL Statehouse reporter Travis Fain stops by size up the session, and talk about some pieces of legislation that are going nowhere.
Thumbnail for "Political uncertainties".
It was a busy week in Raleigh and on Capitol Hill. The NC General Assembly failed to advance a sports gambling measure, or some to any agreement on Medicaid expansion. Meanwhile the U.S. Supreme Court struck down a century-old gun law out of New York, as U.S. Senators approved a narrow set of gun reforms. Rob Schofield and Clark Riemer discuss in our weekly politics review. Note: this segment was recorded prior to the SCOTUS ruling ending the constitutional right to abortion
Thumbnail for "A move to legalize sports gambling".
State lawmakers are considering two bills that would legalize mobile sports gambling across the state. If the measures become law it would put North Carolina in line with nearly two dozen other states, and potentially generate a few billion dollars in annual revenue. Still, it remains unclear if a deal will be brokered in the final weeks of the legislative session.
Thumbnail for "Tim Boyum Talks Fairness, Mental Health and Zucchini Bread".
Tim Boyum has reported on North Carolina Politics for 20 years. He hosts a nightly TV program as well as a weekly podcast. Boyum discusses how he approaches a busy slate, overcoming some mental health challenges, and one exhilarating recent reporting trip, on this episode of The Politics Podcast from WUNC.
Thumbnail for "Wheels Spinning On Jones Street".
State Senators were busy in recent days as they approved several high-profile pieces of legislation. Meanwhile an environmental proposal filed in the House would punish corporations for dumping forever chemicals into watersheds. Yet it’s unclear if any of these bills will soon become law. Mitch Kokai from the John Locke Foundation and Rob Schofield with NC Policy Watch help review the week in state politics.
Thumbnail for "A plan to expand Medicaid includes other significant changes to health care".
State Senators have given approval to a plan that would expand Medicaid in North Carolina to some 600,000 people. North Carolina is just one of just 12 states that has yet to expand the federal health care program, which is administered by state agencies. The possible expansion signals a major shift from some Republicans. And the bill itself includes some notable provisions that are tangential to Medicaid. On this episode of The Politics Podcast Jason deBruyn offers analysis on what the bill seeks to do, and the impacts it could have.
Thumbnail for "Gun reform a longshot; Medicaid expansion possible".
Following another heart-breaking massacre came the latest reminder of a fractured political infrastructure. While nineteen children were murdered at an Elementary school in Uvalde, Texas it appears that policy changes in Raleigh, or Washington, remain a long shot. Meanwhile, the state’s most powerful politician does a major about face on Medicaid expansion. Rob Schofield and Donna King discuss the two significant stories from the week.
Thumbnail for "This Charlotte progressive wants more from the Party".
With the May primary complete, focus is turning toward November. There are efforts to engage and mobilize form both major political parties. However, Leslie Mac believe the Democratic party can do more to build relationships with new North Carolinians, Women of Color, and rural progressives.
Thumbnail for "Cawthorn and McCrory defeated, as the Primary turns General".
The May Primary marked a significant end for two well known conservatives. Meanwhile, strong turnout was seen in several gerrymandered Congressional districts. And the General Assembly returns to Raleigh for its short session. Rob Schofield and Mitch Kokai review the week in state politics.
Thumbnail for "Primary results: what happened, why, and where does it go next".
The mid-term primary has concluded with the ousting of a controversial Congressman, a clear conclusion in two progressive battles, and a path toward another intense, competitive and costly U.S. Senate race. On this episode of The Politics Podcast, Will Michaels chats with Jeff Tiberii about the results and the reasons behind them.
Thumbnail for "The rise and fall of early voting; Cooper unveils another spending plan".
While early voting turnout was up, primary participation among younger voters…
Thumbnail for "Closing in on the primary".
With less than a week until the May 17th primary, early voters have turned out…
Thumbnail for "North Carolina readies for a post-Roe world, while Madison Cawthorn tries to brush off another attack".
This week in politics: a landmark leak sent reverberations across the country,…
Thumbnail for "What a post-Roe world could look like in North Carolina".
Following the leak of a draft Supreme Court ruling, America is readying for a…
Thumbnail for "With early voting underway, Cawthorn's latest goof, and another Leandro twist".
Early voting for the mid-term primary began across the state this week.…
Thumbnail for "Remembering notorious campaign operative Leslie McCrae Dowless".
Leslie McCrae Dowless died on April 24th. The Bladen County native came to…
Thumbnail for "An unprecedented confirmation, and Trump is back in NC".
This week in politics: Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson was confirmed to the U.S.…
Thumbnail for "Popular non-profit TROSA faces questions about ethical treatment of its clients.".
TROSA is a popular non-profit organization that has served people in substances…
Thumbnail for "Cawthorn faces the GOP base, a major EV maker on the way".
This week in state politics: a can manufacturer finally picked North Carolina,…
Thumbnail for "With college athletes earning money, questions about collectives arise".
Last summer college athletics underwent a major change when athletes, long…
Thumbnail for "An apology from the Lt. Gov, changes  on the bench".
Lieutenant Governor Mark Robinson is back in the headlines after an old…
Thumbnail for "Political strategy with the primary weeks away".
The May 17th primary is less than two months away, and the attacks are mounting…
Thumbnail for "Safe Bus: An undertold story of NC history".
Nearly 100 years ago a small business began operation in Winston-Salem. In the…
Thumbnail for "Against the Odds: Political organizers hope to buck expectations in 2022".
It is not expected to be a particularly good midterm for Democrats, however,…
Thumbnail for "A VP visit, the latest Medicaid discussion, and an intriguing double-bunking".
This week in state politics proved to be anther busy affair with a visit from…
Thumbnail for "Fatigued, avoidance and obsessed: the news consumption continuum.".
Between the pandemic, political polarization and the crisis in Ukraine, the…
Thumbnail for "As the world watches Ukraine, North Carolina's primary begins anew".
It was another week of whiplashing news in the world of North Carolina…
Thumbnail for "Term limits are not the answer".
While popular with many Americans, term limits on elected officials have not…
Thumbnail for "A conversation with Eva Clayton".
Eva Clayton has been in the North Carolina political sphere for 60 years. A…
Thumbnail for "Easing guidelines, new districts, and legitimate discourse".
Across the nation, some COVID-19 guidelines have been significantly changed in…
Thumbnail for "Following a landmark ruling, more redistricting uncertainty".
State lawmakers must again draw new political districts, following a major…
Thumbnail for "Awaiting a redistricting ruling, and checking for unclaimed valuables".
In our weekly review of state political news, Rob Schofield of NC Policy Watch…
Thumbnail for "Will the NC Supreme Court strike down districts? And a deeper look at the Triad economy".
A major case moved through North Carolina’s high court this week. At issue are…
Thumbnail for "Greensboro welcomes a sonic boom, as Governor Cooper upends a primary change".
Jet manufacturer Boom Supersonic plans to create more than 1,700 jobs and…
Thumbnail for "With opioid overdose deaths again on the rise, what to do about fentanyl?".
An increasing number of Americans are dying from drug overdose. Between April…
Thumbnail for "So, when's the primary? And what judges will decide redistricting?".
Another date for North Carolina's 2022 Primary? Maybe. Host Jeff Tiberii looks…
Thumbnail for "Redistricting recusal?".
As a major redistricting cases lands before the state supreme court, calls are…
Thumbnail for "Rep. Robert Reives on The Big Lie, localizing politics, and how Democrats will try to win the mid-terms".
By any measure, Robert Reives has had a meteoric rise in politics. An attorney…
Thumbnail for "A smoking gun or courtroom theater? Lawmaker testimony undermines his own prior statements".
Judges heard arguments this week over whether North Carolina’s new…
Thumbnail for "A major trial underway as 2022 politics begins".
On the political calendar this new year are mid-term elections, a short…
Thumbnail for "The craft of political cartooning".
Pat Bagley has been sketching political cartoons at the Salt Lake Tribune since…
Thumbnail for "A Primary pushed back, as legality of districts is considered".
Host Jeff Tiberii looks at the week in North Carolina politics with Mitch Kokai…
Thumbnail for "U.S. Senate hopeful Jeff Jackson on authenticity, value of town halls, and variable of race".
Jeff Jackson is one of two Democratic frontrunners seeking the nomination to…
Thumbnail for "Another Leandro Twist, Another Cooper Veto".
This week in state politics saw another significant development in the Leandro…
Thumbnail for "NC gets a budget, and longtime congressman won't seek re-election".
After three years without one, North Carolina finally got a two-year spending…
Thumbnail for "A state budget is about to pass, finally".
WUNC's Jeff Tiberii, Rusty Jacobs, and Will Michaels dissect the proposed state…
Thumbnail for "Is a reckoning coming over North Carolina's new district maps?".
Host Jeff Tiberii analyzes and dissects the new maps passed by the North…
Thumbnail for "Stalled budget negotiations and a fresh batch of gerrymandered maps".
Host Jeff Tiberii discusses the week in North Carolina politics with Becki Gray…
Thumbnail for "A national perspective on gerrymandering: How does NC rank?".
Host Jeff Tiberii discusses maps and political trends with J. Miles Coleman,…
Thumbnail for "It's Groundhog Day all over again at the General Assembly".
Host Jeff Tiberii discusses the week in North Carolina politics with Aisha Dew…
Thumbnail for "Behind The Lines, Part Four: A Fraught Past, An Uncertain Future".
Part four in a four-part series that examines redistricting in North Carolina
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Part three in a four-part series that examines redistricting in North Carolina
Thumbnail for "Behind The Lines, Part Two: The Pen vs. The Gavel".
Part two in a four-part series that examines redistricting in North Carolina
Thumbnail for "A Fast-Tracked Energy Bill And A Plodding Budget Negotiation".
An energy bill moves quickly, while budget negotiations plod along. Host Jeff…
Thumbnail for "Behind The Lines, Part One: The Ultimate Exercise In Cultivating Political Power".
Part one in a four-part series that examines redistricting in North Carolina
Thumbnail for "Republican legislative leaders have a spending compromise. Will the governor accept it?".
The state House and Senate have reached a deal on the budget. In our weekly…
Thumbnail for "What Do Boise, DC, And Raleigh Have In Common? A Political Reporter Explains".
Host Jeff Tiberii speaks with Brian Murphy, the new editor of The Insider,…
Thumbnail for "The Past, Present, And Future Of Voter ID In North Carolina".
Photo ID is still not required to vote in North Carolina. Host Jeff Tiberii and…
Thumbnail for "Where's The Line Between Personal Freedom And Public Health?".
WUNC's Jeff Tiberii hosts a conversation with Becki Gray from the conservative…
Thumbnail for "'Like Nothing I've Ever Seen': Anti-Vaxxers In The Age Of Covid".
Vaccine mandates aren’t new. Neither is the hysteria (by some) against them.…
Thumbnail for "Biden's Latest Pandemic Plan And Memories From 9-11".
In this week's review of political news, host Jeff Tiberii discusses President…
Thumbnail for "School Shootings Raise More Questions Around Security, Gangs, And Guns".
Two separate shooting incidents at North Carolina high schools in recent days…
Thumbnail for "Is No News Still News?".
Host Jeff Tiberii looks at the lack of progress with the state budget - and who…
Thumbnail for "Grading The 2021 General Assembly".
Host Jeff Tiberii looks at how the General Assembly has done in the 2021 long…
Thumbnail for "Voting Rights And Criminal Justice Reform Top The Week In State Politics".
Criminal justice legislation and a significant expansion of voting rights, for…
Thumbnail for "A Victory For Voting Rights And Black Enfranchisement".
Host Jeff Tiberii speaks with Jordan Wilkie, a reporter with Carolina Public…
Thumbnail for "Masks, Wagers, And Reconciliation".
Host Jeff Tiberii looks at the week in North Carolina politics with Rob…
Thumbnail for "Bipartisanship Is Back, Along With COVID Concerns".
Lawmakers came together to pass major spending proposals at the state and…
Thumbnail for "The Swine Spread: Meet The Feral Hogs Finding Themselves At Home In The South".
Sample an episode of WUNC's new podcast CREEP, all about the creatures invading…
Thumbnail for "NC Governor: It's Irresponsible To Not Be Vaccinated".
North Carolina's vaccination rate ticked up last week, but millions of the…
Thumbnail for "It's Redistricting Season".
North Carolina's Republican-led legislature will soon start the decennial…
Thumbnail for "An Unprecedented Investment In America’s Youth".
Parents across the country began receiving monthly payments from the federal…
Thumbnail for "Black Scholars Scorned: The Echoes Of Pauli Murray's Battle With UNC In Nikole Hannah-Jones' Tenure Saga".
Nikole Hannah-Jones' bombshell decision to reject UNC's offer of tenure makes…
Thumbnail for "Disagreeing On What Makes A "Fair, Free & Secure" Election".
Reporter Rusty Jacobs speaks with two North Carolina lawmakers about…
Thumbnail for "The Elusive State Budget".
Reporter Will Michaels interviews Jeff Tiberii about the state Senate's budget…
Thumbnail for "Election & Energy Bills, Juneteenth & Vaccines".
Republican state senators passed three new measures along party lines that aim…
Thumbnail for "Unpacking A Proposal To Double Jail Cells In Haywood County".
Host Charlie-Shelton Ormond explores how a multimillion dollar jail expansion…
Thumbnail for "A Cooper Cabinet Pick Declined And Still No Budget".
It is a busy week in North Carolina Politics. Former President Donald Trump…
Thumbnail for "The Politics Of Nikole Hannah-Jones' Tenure Appointment".
Host Dave DeWitt speaks with WUNC education reporter Liz Schlemmer about the…
Thumbnail for "Safety Measure Or Scare Tactic? NC's Anti-Riot Legislation Explained".
After a year of protests in the name of racial justice, North Carolina…
Thumbnail for "How A Deadly NC Fire Catalyzed National Change".
WUNC's Will Michaels examines how an early morning fire in Chapel Hill on May…
Thumbnail for "Unaffiliated: Meet North Carolina's New Growing Voter Demographic".
WUNC's Rusty Jacobs looks at what voters changing their Republican and…
Thumbnail for "The Political Debate Behind Calls To "Release The Tape"".
Guest host Will Michaels returns from a reporting trip to Elizabeth City, NC…
Thumbnail for "The Renewed Debate Over Voter ID".
A voter ID law is on trial again in North Carolina. Is it in line with the…
Thumbnail for "Inclusive Or Indoctrination: The Debate Over New Social Studies Standards".
Synthesizing American history is not a simple exercise. What periods, figures,…
Thumbnail for "Anti-Trans, Medical Marijuana And Equal Time in the Classroom: A Week of NC Policy Proposals".
A trio of Republican state senators filed an anti-transgender bill at the state…
Thumbnail for "A Conversation With Roy Cooper".
Governor Roy Cooper joins the politics podcast to explain why he thinks his…
Thumbnail for "A Vestige of the Jim Crow South: North Carolina’s Literacy Test".
When is the last time you read the North Carolina constitution? It’s an…
Thumbnail for "Governor Cooper Proposes A Budget, Conservatives Balk At Any Gun Reform".
Democratic Governor Roy Cooper rolled out his spending proposal this week. He…
Thumbnail for "Hundreds Of Bills Seek To Alter Voter Access".
Since unfounded claims of election fraud proliferated last November, proposals…
Thumbnail for "Why Atlanta Shootings Are Unlikely To Move North Carolina Lawmakers".
In the wake of mass shootings in Atlanta, Democratic State Senator Jay…
Thumbnail for "Can You Irrigate A News Desert?".
More than half of North Carolina’s counties are considered a news desert – with…
Thumbnail for "A Rare Bipartisan Deal".
Senate leader Phil Berger, House Speaker Tim Moore and Governor Roy Cooper…
Thumbnail for "How Pauli Murray Wrote The "Bible" Of Civil Rights Law".
How Pauli Murray Wrote The "Bible" Of Civil Rights Law
Thumbnail for "More COVID Relief, Fresh Cawthorn Controversy".
This week in state politics, legislative Republicans approved a $1.7 billion…
Thumbnail for "Traditional, Emerging, Slimy: The Fractured Ground of North Carolina Political News".
North Carolinians have plenty of options for political news. From traditional…
Thumbnail for "Reducing Restrictions, Releasing Thousands".
Governor Roy Cooper is easing COVID-19 restrictions, following pressure from…
Thumbnail for "To Stay Or To Go? North Carolina Republicans Weigh Party Loyalty".
Moderate Republicans join host Jeff Tiberii to talk party loyalty, Trump and…
Thumbnail for "Republicans Censure Burr, Eliminate Oversight".
U.S. Senator Richard Burr was censured by the state Republican Party this week,…
Thumbnail for "Non-Discrimination Ordinances: A Symbolic Step Or Social Change?".
One of the lasting impacts of House Bill 2 was a ban on municipalities passing…
Thumbnail for "Pandemic Updates, An Improved Budget Forecast, And Calls For A Chancellor To Step Down".
From the next vaccination group to poor report cards, there were several…
Thumbnail for "NC Lieutenant Governor Mark Robinson On The Constitution, Teaching History, And Discrimination".
Republican Lieutenant Governor Mark Robinson is the highest ranking Black…
Thumbnail for "NC Republicans Vote Against Punishment For Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene".
This week on Capitol Hill, Republicans tried to downplay the social media posts…
Thumbnail for "The Unrest That Led To Arrests Of The Wilmington Ten".
In February 1971, an incident of racial unrest in Wilmington, N.C. ultimately…
Thumbnail for "Objections To A Trial, And Curriculum".
North Carolina Senators Thom Tillis and Richard Burr joined 43 of their GOP…
Thumbnail for "A 2021 State Politics Primer".
It's likely to be another bustling year in North Carolina politics. A U.S.…
Thumbnail for "With Biden In, Major Parties Consider Their Next Moves".
Joe Biden was sworn in as the nation's 46th president on Wednesday, as Kamala…
Thumbnail for "With Trump Gone From The White House, Where Do NC Republicans Go Next?".
Donald Trump was a divisive president, however his popularity persisted in…
Thumbnail for "Another Impeachment, More Threats Of Violence".
Congress held an unprecedented impeachment vote this week, following the…
Thumbnail for "Political Extremists: From Capitol Hill To Wilmington".
The only successful political insurrection in American history took place in…
Thumbnail for "Should NC Republicans Shoulder Any Blame For The Attack On The US Capitol?".
It was an extraordinary week in American history. After a failed insurrection…
Thumbnail for "Rep. Deborah Ross On A Chaotic Start To Congress".
Democratic U.S. House Representative Deborah Ross was sworn into the 117th…
Thumbnail for "Will Anything In NC Politics Change In 2021?".
2020 was an exhausting year for North Carolinians, and in the world of news and…
Thumbnail for "Journalists Reflect On 2020".
It was unprecedented, exhausting, unrelenting and — to at least one local…
Thumbnail for "Biden Eyes North Carolina Leaders".
Several elected officials from North Carolina are in the mix for positions…
Thumbnail for "Anatomy Of A Governor".
What is the typical gubernatorial profile in North Carolina? Are there patterns…
Thumbnail for "Cooper's Curfew In Effect, And A Push For Loan Forgiveness".
With hospitalizations and new cases of COVID infections surging, a curfew takes…
Thumbnail for "Congressman-Elect Cawthorn, A New Firebrand Of Conservatism?".
Congressman-Elect Madison Cawthorn is set to steal the seat last held by former…
Thumbnail for "Mark Walker Is First Out Of The 2022 Senate Gate".
Republican Congressman Mark Walker announced this week that he will vie for an…
Thumbnail for "Representing The 6th: Kathy Manning Is Gearing Up For The U.S. House".
In the beginning of the new year, the 117th Congress will be sworn in and North…
Thumbnail for "Chasing Conventions, Candidates And The Truth".
Jim Morrill started covering politics during the Reagan administration. After…
Thumbnail for "Lara Trump Eyes NC Senate Run In 2022".
Election Day month rolls on with a recount in the North Carolina Chief Justice…
Thumbnail for "The Split Ticket: When Voters Go Outside The Party Lines".
In the last 40 years, North Carolina has voted for a president and governor…