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Avery Trufelman

Articles of Interest is a show about what we wear.

Produced and Hosted by Avery Trufelman

2022 Perisphere Productions

Articles of Interest is a show about what we wear.

Produced and Hosted by Avery Trufelman

2022 Perisphere Productions
24hr 34min
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The theme for "Articles of Interest"
Thumbnail for "1. Kids' Clothes".
It all starts in the kids’ department.
Thumbnail for "2. Plaid ".
To explore how plaid proliferated, we’ve got to go to Scotland.
Thumbnail for "3. Pockets".
Who can walk through the world comfortably and securely?
Thumbnail for "4. Hawaiian Shirts".
An authentic aloha shirt has an interesting story to tell.
Thumbnail for "5. Blue Jeans".
You can learn a lot from observing an old pair of blue jeans.
Thumbnail for "6. Punk Style".
Groups of people who historically haven’t had a voice have expressed themselves on their bodies, through their style, their hair, their tattoos, their piercings and what they wear.
Thumbnail for "7. A Fantasy of Fashion".
In the wake of World War II, the government of France commissioned its most prominent designers to create a collection of miniature fashion dolls
Thumbnail for "8. Knockoffs".
Brands hold immense sway over both consumers and the American legal system. Few know this as well as Dapper Dan.
Thumbnail for "9. Perfume".
Perfume can be a key to a whole olfactory world
Thumbnail for "10. Suits".
Formal menswear can be traced back to American Revolution, classical statuary, and one particular bloke bopping around downtown London way back in the 1770s.
Thumbnail for "11. Diamonds".
Diamonds represent value, in all its multiple meanings: values, as in ethics, and value as in actual price. But what are these rocks actually worth?
Thumbnail for "12. Wedding Dresses".
The symbolism and weight of the white wedding dress
Thumbnail for "American Ivy: Prologue ".
Articles of Interest Season 3 is coming. It's entirely devoted to one topic
Thumbnail for "American Ivy: Chapter 1".
"The only real trend is trendiness itself"
Thumbnail for "American Ivy: Chapter 2".
This is where Ivy started
Thumbnail for "American Ivy: Chapter 3".
Ivy starts to spread
Thumbnail for "American Ivy: Chapter 4".
Enter Ralph
Thumbnail for "American Ivy: Chapter 5".
The rise of The Preppy
Thumbnail for "American Ivy: Chapter 6".
Ivy grows on the street
Thumbnail for "American Ivy: Chapter 7".
The finale
Thumbnail for "The Clueless Closet".
Why can't we get dressed like Cher does?
Thumbnail for "On Pointe".
The conundrum of the ballet shoe
Thumbnail for "Inside The Factory".
How do we know how our clothes are made?
Thumbnail for "Our Mannequins, Ourselves".
What a fake body can tell us about real clothes
Thumbnail for "How To Dress".
Some good style advice
Thumbnail for "Prison Uniforms (with Ear Hustle)".
What's worn in an absence of choice
Thumbnail for "The Black Fashion Museum".
A determined quest to save sartorial history
Thumbnail for "Fashion Without Capitalism".
How a designer worked behind the iron curtain
Thumbnail for "Paper and Rubber".
What is clothing without cloth?
Thumbnail for "Paisley ".
A pattern of migration
Thumbnail for "The Corduroy Appreciation Club".
Hail the wale
Thumbnail for "Plus Sizes".
Why they get the cold shoulder
Thumbnail for "More Pockets".
More more more!
Thumbnail for "Wearing Hair".
Should we grow our own sweaters?
Thumbnail for "A Few Shoes [LIVE]".
A walk in someone else's footsteps
Thumbnail for "Chromophobia".
To live, to dye
Thumbnail for "Nudity".
Why we wear clothes, and why we're so afraid to take them off
Thumbnail for "Modesty".
A matter of faith
Thumbnail for "Stylists (With Decoder Ring)".
When did celebrities stop dressing themselves?
Thumbnail for "Clergy".
Men of the Cloth


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November 8, 202347min 29sec

Color. Why we need it. Why we fear it. And where its future might lie.

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