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Adult ISH is an award-winning advice, storytelling, and culture podcast, hosted by Oakland-based Nyge Turner and Atlanta-based Dominique “Dom” French. BIPOC creators in their 20s, French and Turner don’t sugarcoat anything. Dive into a weekly mix of thoughtful conversations, immersive personal stories, and practical tips from charismatic special guests and beloved friends. With humor and heart, Nyge and Dom tackle each and every “adult” subject they can get their hands on. Destination: growth!

Adult ISH is a production of YR Media and is distributed by Radiotopia from PRX.

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Adult ISH is an award-winning advice, storytelling, and culture podcast, hosted by Oakland-based Nyge Turner and Atlanta-based Dominique “Dom” French. BIPOC creators in their 20s, French and Turner don’t sugarcoat anything. Dive into a weekly mix of thoughtful conversations, immersive personal stories, and practical tips from charismatic special guests and beloved friends. With humor and heart, Nyge and Dom tackle each and every “adult” subject they can get their hands on. Destination: growth!

Adult ISH is a production of YR Media and is distributed by Radiotopia from PRX.

© 2023 YR Media
56hr 32min
Thumbnail for "Snooze: Help Me Care For My Father".
While you wait for more Adult ISH, we’re gifting you a special treat – an episode of the podcast Snooze, from our friends at LAist Studios.
Thumbnail for "Best of Season 1: Her ISH".
Her ISH ft. Olympian Ibtihaj Muhammad and Actress Sydney Sweeney (Cassie from Euphoria)
Thumbnail for "Best of Season 1: Nerd ISH".
Nerd ISH ft. Rick and Morty composer Ryan Elder, YouTuber Lauren Riihimaki (LaurDIY), and Bumblebee Actor Jorge Lendeborg Jr.
Thumbnail for "Best of Season 1: Race ISH".
Race ISH ft. Actor Marcus Scribner (Junior form Black-ish), and Poet Ashlee Haze, and Comedian Ronny Chieng (The Daily Show)
Thumbnail for "Adult ISH S2 Trailer ft. Shan Boody & Male Birth Control!?".
Tryna get thru your adult ish? So are adulting "experts" Nyge & Merk, both in their early 20s, who talk #nofilter with your fave celebs and listeners who are also “almost adults.” Season 2 drops on August 22nd.
Thumbnail for "Below the Belt ISH (ft. Male Birth Control & Pap Smears)".
Below the Belt ISH explores male birth control, pap smears and IUD disasters with Yes Queen's Daysha Veronica.
Thumbnail for "Mom ISH (ft. Our Moms)".
Nyge and Merk share heartbreaking stories in a tribute to the most important women in their lives: their mamas.
Thumbnail for "Broke ISH (ft. My Fab Finance's Tonya Rapley & our empty wallets)".
The guide to flossing for broke people, ft. My Fab Finance’s Tonya Rapley and bottomless mimosas
Thumbnail for "Cuffed ISH (ft. Sexologist Shan Boody & our exes...)".
In Cuffed ISH, we hook up with Sexologist Shan Boody and our exes...
Thumbnail for "Me Myself and ISH (ft. Demetrius Harmon & LatinX Therapy)".
Nyge and Merk take a deep breath for once and talk mental health with Demetrius Harmon (fka MeechOnMars on Vine) and therapist Adriana Alejandre!
Thumbnail for "Black ISH (ft. Comedian W. Kamau Bell & Code-switching)".
Black ISH (ft. Comedian W. Kamau Bell & Code-switching)
Thumbnail for "American Dream ISH (ft. Wakanda, Pedicures, and Musician J.S. Ondara)".
From Wakanda to pedicures to Bob Dylan...this episode explores the American Dream in the Trump era
Thumbnail for "Squad ISH (ft. Liza on Demand & HBK Gang)".
Squad ISH, ft. #SquadGoals with "Liza on Demand" + HBK Gang
Thumbnail for "Extra: Netflix Subtitles or Nah!?".
Extra: Netflix Subtitles or Nah!?
Thumbnail for "S3 Trailer ft. Jason Genao (aka Ruby from On My Block) & Jambalaya Farts!?".
Hosted by 20-somethings Nyge Turner and Merk Nguyen, Adult ISH is a jungle juice cocktail of storytelling and hilarious #nofilter advice from BFFs and celebrity “experts” that hits home. Season 3 drops on April 16th!
Thumbnail for "It’s Not You, It’s My ISH (ft. Dream Job and BFF Breakups)".
Nyge breaks up with firefighting and Merk reads a breakup letter to her boyfriend that would make Lin-Manuel Miranda proud...
Thumbnail for "Period ISH (ft. Menstruation Myths & Nyge’s first MANstruation!?)".
Merk tackles menstruation myths while Nyge has his first MANstruation!?
Thumbnail for "Robots Taking Over This ISH (ft. The Atlantic's Alexis Madrigal & Sexy Robots)".
Drake-approved "trust issues" due to cellphone location tracking + Merk falls in love with a robot!
Thumbnail for "Hitched ISH (ft. HeyFranHey & Not So Newlywed Game)".
Merk & Nyge say "I do" to marriage but HeyFranHey (from The Friend Zone) isn't so sure + cohosts bring on their partners for the "Not So Newlywed Game."
Thumbnail for "Working Through My ISH (ft. Therapy Tinder & Anxiety Attacks)".
Nyge seeks help in a psych department and Merk swipes right on “Therapy Tinder”!
Thumbnail for "Special EdISHon: Comedians in Quarantine (ft. Taylor Tomlinson & Joel Kim Booster)".
Going stir-crazy during quarantine? Then laugh it out with us and comedians Taylor Tomlinson + Joel Kim Booster!
Thumbnail for "Roots ISH (ft. Slave Plantation Tours & "Communist" Buzzcuts) ".
Spooky slave plantation tour and "communist" buzzcuts!? Nyge & Merk explore their dark family roots...
Thumbnail for "ToxISH Masculinity (ft. Jason Genao/Ruby from On My Block) ".
How does "masculinity" involve Julia Child's beef bourguignon + actor Jason Genao (Ruby from "On My Block")? Find out on our ToxISH Masculinity episode!
Thumbnail for "Future ISH Female (ft. Activist Haben Girma + HBO's "Betty")".
Future ISH Female features forward-thinking women who are fighting for equal access, including disability rights lawyer Haben Girma + actresses and IRL skaters from HBO’s "Betty".
Thumbnail for "Asian ISH (ft. Disney's Peyton Elizabeth Lee & Asia Jackson)".
Glutathione Injections, Disney's Andi Mack, and "Turd" lunches...in our dubiously titled "Asian ISH" episode!
Thumbnail for "Ridin' Solo ISH (ft. Comedian Lane Moore)".
In this "Ridin' Solo" episode (that does NOT feature Jason Derulo), co-hosts Merk and Nyge explore the bumps that come up on the road to independence with Comedian Lane Moore.
Thumbnail for "Nostalg ISH (ft. R&B Queen JoJo + "Mortified Podcast") ".
In our season finale, we talk dirty with R&B Queen JoJo + play “I Can’t Believe I Did That” with the Mortified Podcast.
Thumbnail for "S4 Trailer ft. Tim Chantarangsu & Gynecomastia".
Hosted by 20-somethings Nyge Turner and Merk Nguyen, Adult ISH is a culture, advice, and storytelling show produced by and for almost-adults. Season 4 drops on October 8th!
Thumbnail for "Meta ISH (ft. Call Your Girlfriend + Adult ISH Deep Cuts)".
Meta ISH brings on Aminatou Sow & Ann Friedman of “Call Your Girlfriend” podcast to help acknowledge the under-appreciated moments in our #adulting journey.
Thumbnail for "Insecure ISH (ft. Nyge’s Gynecomastia + “Unadopted” Documentary)".
On Insecure ISH, Nyge shares an intimate story about living with gynecomastia + YR Media’s Noel Anaya talks about getting access to his foster care files and confronting his painful past.
Thumbnail for "Silver Linings ISH (ft. Tank and The Bangas + Pleasure Activist Adrienne Maree Brown)".
You tryna find joy this year? So are Nyge on Merk who focus on silver linings with their guests: "Pleasure Activism" author adrienne maree brown who reads a poem and teaches us how to appreciate small radical changes that allow us to feel happy. Plus, Tarriona "Tank" Ball shares an exclusive sneak peek of Tank and the Bangas upcoming EP, "Friend Goals." Be sure to follow all our socials at @yrAdultISH!
Thumbnail for "Woke ISH (ft. MTV News’ Dometi Pongo + Young Americans)".
Young Americans speak to Adult ISH & POPSUGAR on issues they care about. MTV News’ Dometi Pongo speaks on the #EndSARS movement + how to stay media literate.
Thumbnail for "Adult ISH Vibe Check: Post 2020 Election Day (ft. Marcus Scribner)".
Merk & Nyge check in about the uncertainty of the 2020 Election, how they’re getting through it & resurface an interview with “Black-ish” actor Marcus Scribner on HBCUs and interracial dating.
Thumbnail for "Fake ISH (ft. Imposter Syndrome and Jay-Z Deepfakes)".
Merk & Nyge get real about fakeness. YR Media CEO Kyra Kyles and writer L’Oreal Thompson Payton help them overcome imposter syndrome. Then, the co-hosts are guided through the pros and cons of deepfakes.
Thumbnail for "Boundaries ISH (ft. Tim Chantarangsu fka Timothy DeLaGhetto & Adult Sibling Relationships) ".
Rapper, comedian and YouTuber Tim Chantarangsu (fka Timothy DeLaGhetto) talks about fame, marriage and learning when to say no. Plus, Merk navigates an overbearing adult sibling relationship.
Thumbnail for "Meet Team Adult ISH! (ft. Shrek and First Impressions) ".
In this very special episode of Adult ISH, hosts Merk & Nyge pull back the curtain to chat with two other members of their podcast fam, producer Georgia Wright and senior producer Davey Kim.
Thumbnail for "Old ISH (ft. Ageism, Actress Ana Golja + CBC’s Tai Asks Why) ".
Adult ISH hosts Merk & Nyge explore relationships between people of different ages — first, through a roundtable with actress Ana Golja and storyteller Ray Christian, and then in conversation with 14-year-old podcasting whiz Tai Poole.
Thumbnail for "What ISH My Name? (ft. Maiden Names + Dyslexia)".
In the Season 4 finale of Adult ISH, hosts Nyge and Merk both wrestle with themselves over the connections between their names and their personal identities.
Thumbnail for "Adult ISH S5 Trailer (ft. Mistakes + Mental Health) ".
Listen to the season 5 trailer of Adult ISH – a first-of-its-kind culture and advice podcast, produced by those who are almost adults.
Thumbnail for "Owning Up To ISH (ft. Alpha Mentality + Accountability)".
Merk deals with the regret of being a bully, 15 years after her mean girl streak. She and Nyge talk to her elementary school counselor on how to gracefully apologize and take accountability for your actions.
Thumbnail for "Nomnom ISH (ft. Chef Dan Giusti + Cabbage Cook-Off)".
Don your aprons and grab your whisks! In this episode of Adult ISH, Merk & Nyge talk food and cooking with Chef Dan Giusti of Noma and Brigaid, then square off in the kitchen for their inaugural Cohost Cook-off.
Thumbnail for "Fighting for Our Future ISH (ft. Little Miss Flint + Earth Day Celebration) ".
Merk and Nyge celebrate Earth Day, first with clean water activist Little Miss Flint, and then in climate conversation with the host of Inherited (and Adult ISH producer!) Georgia Wright.
Thumbnail for "Let’s Get Down to BusinISH (ft. Nyge’s Fashion Fail + Boss Businesswomen)".
Nyge tells a story about his first-ever business endeavor, and then he and Merk surprise his old friend (and berry businesswoman) Tatyana Williams with a special guest.
Thumbnail for "Mind, Body, & Soul ISH (ft. Jessamyn Stanley and Tayla Parx) ".
Merk and Nyge cultivate their inner well-being: first by breathing deeply with yoga and meditation instructor Jessamyn Stanley, and then in conversation with passionate (and soulful!) songwriter Tayla Parx. 
Thumbnail for "Mental Meds & ISH (ft. Actress Mara Wilson) ".
The Adult ISH team opens up about their relationships with mental health medication. They’re later joined by actress Mara Wilson from “Matilda,” who shares her journey with meds.
Thumbnail for "Digital Dependency ISH (ft. Social Media Detox + Spotify Spies!)".
Merk and Nyge attempt to unplug from their devices for a strict social media detox, then talk to YR Media’s Marjerrie Masicat about some freaky new tech Spotify might soon be using to spy on its users.  
Thumbnail for "Black Panther ISH (ft. Lil Rel Howery)".
Nyge and Merk aim to challenge misconceptions about the Black Panther Party and lay out some of the programs and ideas where the Panthers made their mark.
Thumbnail for "Hiding ISH In Plain Sight (ft. Writer Ashley C. Ford)".
Merk and Nyge ponder what makes a secret “a secret” with writer Ashley C. Ford. Merk also comes out as queer!
Thumbnail for "OffISH Etiquette (ft. YR Media CEO Kyra Kyles & Nyge’s Ex-Boss)".
Nyge asks his old boss why he got fired. Then he and Merk ask their CEO about office culture dos and don’ts!
Thumbnail for "Changing Up Our ISH (ft. Breaking News from Our Team) ".
The show will never be the same after Merk and Nyge have their hardest conversation yet in this bonus episode of Adult ISH.
Thumbnail for "Making Trouble: The Last Laugh".
In this special episode, the Adult ISH team is exploring how Black women improv actors are carving their own paths and being labeled “troublemakers” along the way as part of a special Radiotopia-wide project.
Thumbnail for "Dear Adult ISH: My City’s Held Hostage".
Adult ISH Season 6 opens with host Nyge bravely sharing the harrowing tale of his own city’s struggles with pollution, racism and life-threatening explosions. This ISH gets real.
Thumbnail for "Dear Adult ISH: Let’s Talk About Sex… Mom?".
In this episode, Adult ISH is busting the silence and stigma around sex talks, with the help of Instagram sexpert Karishma Swarup.
Thumbnail for "Dear Adult ISH: Seeking Boozeless Besties ".
This week on Adult ISH, Nyge takes a hard look at alcohol with guests who know all about sobriety in its many forms.
Thumbnail for "Dear Adult ISH: YA Author Mary H.K. Choi Talks Substances, Family, and Grief".
In this special episode, producer Dominique French shares a meaningful conversation with New York Times best-selling author Mary H.K. Choi about drinking, grief and the true essence of connection.
Thumbnail for "Dear Adult ISH: When Parents Can't Parent".
From the holes we have to fill from absent parents (or ones gone too soon) to the journey to “found families,” the Adult ISH team asks if it’s possible to raise oneself without parents.
Thumbnail for "Dear Adult ISH: The Love Problem".
If all you need is love, why is it so hard to find? This week we're exploring the qualities that make sparks fly to help a lovelorn listener.
Thumbnail for "Dear Adult ISH: I’m Scared to Grow Up".
Is there a guide to Black womanhood? Adult ISH consults Black women about creating a roadmap forward in the face of countless perils, from being pulled over by the police to constant gender and race bias.
Thumbnail for "Season 6 Trailer".
Adult ISH’s all-new season is loaded with advice from the dopest pros, personalities, and peers around. Join host Nyge Turner and the squad as they strive to navigate life with a little more humor and grace.
Thumbnail for "Season 7 Trailer".
Adult ISH’s brand new season is coming your way! Join 20-something host Nyge Turner, a lineup of special guests, and the dynamic pod squad as they explore the most vital, funny and relatable topics around.
Thumbnail for "High School Hierarchy".
Nyge and the pod squad ring in a new season of Adult ISH by revisiting cringeworthy high school stereotypes, including their own former roles in the social pecking order.
Thumbnail for "I Was Just Trying to Help".
Good intentions don’t always translate to good outcomes. Nyge explores how that plays out in conversations with activists and advocates.
Thumbnail for "It Was All a Dream".
In this episode, producer Dominique French chats with “Why We Dream” author Alice Robb about lucid dreaming techniques and the power of one’s subconscious mind.
Thumbnail for "DJ, Play It Back".
In this episode, Nyge explores the role of music in developing his worldview, and compares notes with music producer Kuya Beats, affiliated with the nationally-known Bay Area hip-hop group the HBK Gang.
Thumbnail for "Starting Over".
In this episode of Adult ISH, we’re hearing stories from people impacted by mass incarceration who speak to the process of beginning anew.
Thumbnail for "The Very First Time".
In this episode of YR’s Adult ISH podcast, we explore some of the firsts that people don’t talk about.
Thumbnail for "The Doctor Won’t See You Now".
Adult ISH producer Dominique French explores what it’s like living with an invisible disability with author Esmé Weijun Wang and entrepreneur Emily Levy.
Thumbnail for "The ISH of Life: Adult ISH x Rightnowish".
Adult ISH and KQED’s "Rightnowish" podcast are teaming up to talk about our collective ISH, including the evolution of friendships.
Thumbnail for "The Parent Trap".
Adult ISH dives into truths about young parenthood to try to provide information and perspective beyond the stereotypes.
Thumbnail for "Juneteenth".
Adult ISH host Nyge Turner is in conversation with “Grief Is Love” author Marisa Renee Lee and “The Stacks” podcast host Traci Thomas about how far we’ve come and how far we have to go as the country celebrates Juneteenth.
Thumbnail for "Cheater Cheater".
Adult ISH hosts Nyge Turner and Dominique French explore the scandalous world of cheating. From tests to romance, the pair dig into what it means to skirt the rules, break hearts, and carry guilt for years.
Thumbnail for "The Pursuit of Passions".
Adult ISH hosts Nyge Turner and Dominique French explore what they have been taught about work and passion being separate and how they had to unlearn that over time. Plus, a conversation with music composer Bryan C. Simmons.
Thumbnail for "Spooktacular".
This Halloween, Adult ISH host Dominique French celebrates her favorite way. By giving her friends a little fright! Follow along as Dom leads co-host Nyge Turner and producer Georgia Wright through a spooky Choose Your Own Adventure.
Thumbnail for "Behind The ‘Fits".
Fashion’s got a lot of baggage! Follow along as Adult ISH podcast hosts Nyge Turner and Dominique French team up with podcaster Avery Trufelman and fashion blogger Justina Sharp to unpack it all!
Thumbnail for "Interracial Relationships".
The good, the bad and the problematic: interracial relationships have them all.
Thumbnail for "Diet Delusion".
Anti-fatness: The diet making us sick
Thumbnail for "Black Enough, Part I".
Black enough? Not quite yet.
Thumbnail for "Black Enough, Part II".
A second round with "The Stoop" podcast, if you haven't had enough!
Thumbnail for "The Great Unknown".
We get into the mind-blowing, horizon-broadening, and deeply complicated world of travel.
Thumbnail for "Abortion: An Everyday Story".
Abortions happen all the time, everyday. Here are stories about this extremely common procedure.
Thumbnail for "Season 8 Trailer".
Adult ISH is back with a new season and a new host line-up. Dominique “Dom” French joins Nyge Turner as co-host. Follow Nyge and Dom as they tackle the ups and downs of their own lives while roping in their peers and notable guests for candid conversations on taboo subjects, lively storytelling, and unfiltered advice.
Thumbnail for "Season 9 Trailer".
Adult ISH is back with a new season. For our ninth season, the dynamic duo Nyge Turner and Dominique “Dom” French dive into stories of pot, self-love, drag, and grudges.
Thumbnail for "Weed Just Like to Talk".
Adult ISH hosts Nyge Turner and Dominique French get into the weeds on cannabis. They explore the injustice of cannabis arrests, weed’s effects on the brain, and the budding cannabusiness industry.
Thumbnail for "Acceptance".
Adult ISH hosts Dom French and Nyge Turner sit down with author Emi Nietfeld to discuss the process of mining personal trauma for college applications.
Thumbnail for "Internet Sinkhole".
The internet sucks us in for hours on end. Are we left in a digital depression?
Thumbnail for "Middle School Flashback".
Nyge and Dom attempt to be cool in middle school.
Thumbnail for "Guilty Pleasures".
Dom and guest host Christian get into their guiltiest pleasures.
Thumbnail for "Drag Me".
Nyge, Dom, & Georgia clap back against transphobic attacks and laws by embracing the empowering magic of drag.
Thumbnail for "The Self-Love Trap".
Dom and Nyge push back on the rapidly growing self-care industry, and try to uncover the traps planted by big corporations.
Thumbnail for "Let’s Talk About Beef".
The Adult ISH team uncovers the purpose of grudges and discusses whether interpersonal beef does more harm than good.
Thumbnail for "Season 10 Trailer".
Adult ISH is celebrating our 10th season! We're exploring new topics, from the myth of Black athleticism to how to chit chat (even we could use pointers!).
Thumbnail for "Dreams Deferred".
Adult ISH hosts Nyge Turner & Dominique French dive into what happens when dreams don’t meet reality. “Stop Waiting for Perfect” author and journalist L’Oreal Thompson Payton brings her wisdom.
Thumbnail for "Inherited Climate Special".
Adult ISH hosts Nyge Turner and Dominique French host the first ever Adult ISH live show focusing on young climate activists' efforts in the battle for environmental justice.
Thumbnail for "Spooky Ookey".
Will they make it out!? Nyge, Dom, and Georgia head off to summer camp on this wild choose your own adventure tale. They are in for one spooky summer as the story of the cursed cabin unfolds!
Thumbnail for "Myth of Black Athleticism".
Adult ISH hosts Nyge Turner and Dominique French sit down with former NCAA athlete Sharon Darlene Washington Barnes to talk about how she and other Black athletes are being dehumanized by the objectification of their bodies and having their abilities dismissed as traits of race.
Thumbnail for "Preventing More Missing and Murdered Indigenous People".
American Indian and Alaska Native people across the U.S. are working to shape a future where Indigenous Women, Girls, Two-Spirit and Trans people (MMIWG2ST) can be safe and supported in community. They fight to end the disproportionately high rates of murder and sexual assault.
Thumbnail for "Pleasure: The Queer and Now".
Adult ISH hosts Nyge Turner and Dominique French ask queer & trans certified sex therapist Dr. Damon Constantinides what we can all learn from queer identity and sexuality. Together they explore how queer pleasure suffers from sex-phobia and what it means to queer your own sex life.
Thumbnail for "What’s a Reunion Without Food?".
Adult ISH hosts Nyge Turner and Dominique French are joined by former Sr. Producer Davey Kim and original co-host Merk Nguyen to reminisce and rehash a culinary clash.
Thumbnail for "Art of Conversation".
Adult ISH hosts Nyge Turner and Dominique French talk to “Hang Up” podcast host Zakiya Gibbons about the ins and outs of meaningful conversations!
Thumbnail for "Don't Make a Scene".
Adult ISH hosts Nyge Turner and Dominique French share some pretty embarrassing stories as they sit down with "Inherited" podcast host shaylyn martos to talk about losing your cool in public.
Thumbnail for "Best of Adult ISH".
Adult ISH hosts Nyge Turner and Dominique French spill the tea on their favorite BTS moments.
Thumbnail for "Season 11 Trailer".
Season 11 of Adult ISH delves into the complexities and nuances of young people “Standing Up.” Standing up for their rights as budding adults, their futures, the world they are inheriting, and their innocence.
Thumbnail for "Standing up for Banned Books".
Adult ISH hosts Nyge Turner & Dominique “Dom” French talk about why books are being banned and what effect it could have on youth and society.
Thumbnail for "Young People’s Mental and Emotional Health".
What are we thinking? And, how can we get our feelings under control? Nyge Turner talks with Stephanie Santos LCSW, about how the pandemic affects teenagers and young adults managing anxiety and depression, and AJ Deloney LCSW, a staff therapist at UChicago Student Wellness at the University of Chicago, about making the transition to college life.
Thumbnail for "Hearing the Unhoused: How to Really Help Homeless Youth".
How can we support homeless youth? Nyge Turner talks with Emi Nietfeld about being unhoused at Harvard and tips shelters and those who want to help need to hear so they can provide a truly safe place.
Thumbnail for "Music Moving Culture".
Adult ISH host Nyge Turner talks with three award-winning creators: Modi O, of Trillectro; DJ Red Corvette, cofounder of Women Sound Off; and YR Media alum and producer Trackademicks to explore how music is a tool to build community & impact society.
Thumbnail for "BIPOC Efforts To Fill In Food Deserts".
Adult ISH hosts Nyge Turner, Dominique French, and Christian Romo hear how places like Heritage Farmer's Market, BIPOC community farming organization Urban Tilth, and backyard food pop-up restaurant Tiny’s World are trying to provide more nourishing options to people living in food deserts.
Thumbnail for "Powering Platonic Love: Keeping Someone to Count On".
Adult ISH host Nyge Turner and his best friend, Josiah Percia, talk about how they work to keep their relationship healthy during a global loneliness epidemic.
Thumbnail for "Life Transitions Through Young Adulthood".
Adult ISH host Nyge Turner and YR Media contributor Christian Romo feature Elise Hu, author, journalist, and host of TED Talks Daily, to talk about the opportunities life transitions offer to personal evolution.
Thumbnail for "FEED DROP: MindShift - “Punished for Dreaming: How School Reform Harms Black Children and How We Heal” author Bettina Love".
Adult ISH is featuring a special episode of KQED’s MindShift podcast with host and former YR Media staff, Nimah Gobir, talking with Bettina Love, author of “Punished for Dreaming: How School Reform Harms Black Children and How We Heal,” about how Black students are still feeling the impact of the Brown v. Board of Education Supreme Court ruling 70 years ago and Ronald Reagan’s school crime policies.
Thumbnail for "Xicanx Art: Printmaking and Political Activism  ".
YR Media contributor Christian Romo chats with Gilda Posada, associate curator at the Oakland Museum of California, about Xicanx artists in California using political posters as a medium for social change through the decades.
Thumbnail for "Standing Up For Drag".
Adult ISH hosts Nyge Turner, Dominique “Dom” French and former Senior Producer Georgia Wright talk with Bay Area drag queens Panda Dulce and Poison Oakland to discuss the art of drag and why it can’t be silenced.

High School Hierarchy

Thumbnail for "High School Hierarchy".
April 14, 202229min 14sec

Adult ISH Season 7 kicks off with host Nyge Turner and the pod squad revisiting cringeworthy high school stereotypes, including their own former roles in the social pecking order.

Plus, Nyge talks to Monica Clark, Ph.D. (of YR Media!) who taught a college class on youth subcultures at Temple University. Together, Nyge and Monica ask: are cliques good, evil, or somewhere in between?

Adult ISH is produced by YR Media and brought to you by PRX’s Radiotopia. Be sure to follow all our socials @yrAdultISH!