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Left, Right & Center is KCRW’s weekly civilized yet provocative confrontation over politics, policy and pop culture.

KCRW 2020, 498771

Left, Right & Center is KCRW’s weekly civilized yet provocative confrontation over politics, policy and pop culture.

KCRW 2020, 498771
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Thumbnail for "Trump’s criminal trial takes center stage".
Is the media’s coverage adding to the difficulties of Donald Trump’s criminal case? Where does protest cross the line into hate speech?
Thumbnail for "Did Biden’s NATO presser save his candidacy?".
Where does the Biden campaign stand following the NATO summit? The RNC debuts a new party platform. Plus, Alabama faces questions about forced prison labor.
Thumbnail for "What’s the long-term impact of SCOTUS’ presidential immunity ruling?".
Will SCOTUS’ immunity ruling increase election stakes? Several states are bringing religion into education. LA’s mayor is pushing for a mask ban at protests.
Thumbnail for "No spinning this one: Analyzing Trump, Biden debate performances".
KCRW discusses key moments in this week’s historic presidential debate. Plus, a Seattle community revisits the role of police officers in schools following a shooting.
Thumbnail for "Will presidential candidates fare better than what polling suggests?".
What does polling get wrong about voters’ concerns? A new measure in North Dakota sets age limits for Congress members. Plus, KCRW previews next week’s presidential debate.
Thumbnail for "Are Trump’s claims for political revenge more than rhetoric?".
Are Trump’s campaign promises a cause for concern? KCRW also discusses activism in journalism and the role of school vouchers in closing achievement gaps.
Thumbnail for "Will Americans believe in Biden’s ability to lead? ".
Is a Hunter Biden plea deal the best thing for his father’s campaign? Why has Joe Biden’s executive order upset pretty much everyone?
Thumbnail for "With Trump’s trial over (for now), what’s next?".
KCRW examines the political response to Donald Trump’s guilty verdict. What impact will it have on undecided voters and the public’s faith in the judiciary?
Thumbnail for "How AI and deepfakes could affect this election".
How much could AI and deepfakes threaten election integrity? Is round two of the border bill dead on arrival? Plus, KCRW looks at the effect of unpopular presidential candidates on down-ballot politicians.
Thumbnail for "Will debates give Biden or Trump an edge? ".
What are the key takeaways from new election polling? Should Democrats be worried about protests at this summer’s convention?
Thumbnail for "Why Netanyahu’s latest move is a threat to a free press".
Are threats to a free press signs of bigger issues in Israel? Did Kristi Noem risk a shot at becoming VP to troll the left? Plus, we discuss bias in political satire.
Thumbnail for "Is the media focus on student protests missing the mark?".
Have media outlets gone overboard in their coverage of campus protests? What’s at stake in (another) legal battle between states and the White House?
Thumbnail for "Foreign aid bill passes US House. What’s next for Speaker Johnson?".
Will the GOP be more unified following the passage of a new foreign aid bill? What could shifts in support for RFK mean for the election?
Thumbnail for "Trump’s abortion position? Leave it up to the states".
Is there anything about Trump’s abortion position for Joe Biden to capitalize on? Will Biden’s change of tune on Israel win him more supporters?
Thumbnail for "Will congressional candidates suffer from voters’ fatigue with Biden, Trump?".
Could the presidential nominees hurt their congressional colleagues down the ballot? Plus, we examine the president’s response to an Easter controversy.
Thumbnail for "What’s behind the recent wave of Congressional exits?".
Should a rise in Congressional retirements set off alarm bells? Are Democrats off base with their current platform? How will a new law impact campus free speech?
Thumbnail for "What’s driving the divide between Netanyahu and the White House?".
How will a continued offensive in Gaza affect Democratic support for Israel? Can SCOTUS clear up the lines between censorship and free speech?
Thumbnail for "This election season, will media learn from past mistakes?".
How should the media cover a Biden/Trump rematch? What mistakes did we see in coverage of the special counsel testimony? Should perception influence policy?
Thumbnail for "Voters, not courts, to decide 2024 election".
Was there a message behind the unanimous SCOTUS ruling on Trump’s eligibility to appear on the ballot? What’s driving a global trend toward authoritarian leaders?
Thumbnail for "How Mitch McConnell changed the courts and US politics".
What lasting impact will Mitch McConnell leave on Senate leadership? Plus, will Biden or Trump change their tune on compromise at the border?
Thumbnail for "Will Navalny’s death motivate the US to act in Ukraine?".
Will the death of a political rival to Putin push the U.S. to give more aid to Ukraine? Can a new bill help reduce crime in Washington, D.C.?
Thumbnail for "Are we failing to put Trump and Biden concerns into proper context?".
How serious were Donald Trump’s NATO claims? Are skeptics of Biden and Trump’s ages missing the bigger picture? Plus, a legal DEI battle unearths difficult questions.
Thumbnail for "Republicans’ horrible, no good, very bad week in Congress".
Will failing to pass a border security bill backfire on Republicans? Can Joe Biden reconnect with Arab and Muslim communities? Plus, a moving Grammys duet provides a lesson.
Thumbnail for "Who’s in charge at the border?".
Will the U.S. response to an attack on troops in Jordan prevent wider conflict? Can state and federal officials resolve a dispute over border access in Texas?
Thumbnail for "How can Biden, Trump can get voters to believe in their visions?".
Will the potential candidates’ visions for the country match what voters are looking for? Plus, a Supreme Court case spotlights dueling approaches to compassion.

Trump’s criminal trial takes center stage

Thumbnail for "Trump’s criminal trial takes center stage".
April 19, 202450min 30sec

The embattled leadership of the Republican Party came together in a show of solidarity this week. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump was joined by House Speaker Mike Johnson for a press conference at Trump’s Mar-A-Lago compound. Trump backed the speaker in the face of mounting pressure from conservative members of the House to remove Johnson from the role. This show of support came amid another legal challenge for the former president. Jury selection in Trump’s trial over alleged hush money payments began this week. It’s the first time a former president has faced criminal charges, and drew substantial media coverage. That coverage added increased difficulty to the selection process, with one seated juror dropping out over fears that media reporting on the case would reveal her identity. Can the media circus surrounding the case be wrangled to avoid further interruptions? Will Johnson be able to survive his own circus in the House to accomplish something — anything — as speaker before November’s election?

U.S. colleges continue to struggle with the protecting free speech and fighting hate on campus. Another congressional hearing on campus antisemitism — this time with officials from Columbia University — arrived at the same time a valedictorian at the University of Southern California faced backlash for her support of pro-Palestinian causes. How can colleges navigate increasing tensions as the lines between anti-semitism and calls for an end to the conflict in Gaza continue to be blurred?

An Oklahoma city councilman was elected last year, before reports he had ties to a white nationalist group became more widely known. For our 50 states series, we examine what lessons we all could stand to learn from the voters of Enid, Oklahoma.