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Host Marco Werman and his team of producers bring you the world's most interesting stories that remind us just how small our planet really is.

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Host Marco Werman and his team of producers bring you the world's most interesting stories that remind us just how small our planet really is.

© PRX, Inc. All rights reserved.
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Thumbnail for "Hurricane Beryl as it hits Jamaica".
Thumbnail for "Officials meet for talks to find an end to the war in Gaza".
The CIA director and a top Biden adviser are in the Middle East this week to meet with Israeli, Egyptian and Qatari officials. It’s part of the latest efforts to reach a ceasefire deal between Israel and Hamas.
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Thumbnail for "NATO’s history of eastward expansion".
Thumbnail for "Far-right party thwarted in French election".
France's far-right National Rally party looked poised to win the country's snap parliamentary election called by centrist president Emmanuel Macron in June. But that victory was thwarted by a coalition of center and left parties unifying at the last minute.
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Thumbnail for "Israel's military orders Palestinians in Khan Younis to evacuate".
Thumbnail for "In France, the far-right party wins big in round one of parliamentary elections ".
Thumbnail for "Kenya begins its deployment of police to Haiti ".
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Thumbnail for "Low voter turnout expected for Iran's election".
Many young Iranians say they plan to boycott Friday’s election to replace the late-President Ebrahim Raisi.
Thumbnail for "Kenyan president concedes to protesters".
Kenya’s president concedes to protesters following a week of unprecedented demonstrations against a proposed finance bill.
Thumbnail for "Protests in Kenya against finance bill turn deadly".
Thousands of people have taken to the streets to reject a finance bill underway in Kenya’s parliament, with some demonstrations turning deadly.
Thumbnail for "Attacks on synagogues and churches in Russian republic of Dagestan".
Thumbnail for "Latvians celebrate the summer solstice".
Latvians mark the summer solstice by celebrating the longest day of the year.
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Thumbnail for "Russia and North Korea agree to a new partnership".
Russia and North Korea have sign onto a new partnership, vowing mutual aid if either country is attacked, while South Korea responds by saying it will consider sending weapons to Ukraine.
Thumbnail for "Juneteenth marks a celebratory milestone but the legacy of slavery persists ".
Thumbnail for "Travelers making Hajj pilgrimage to Mecca and Medina brave dangerous heat".
Thumbnail for "A proposed pause in fighting in Gaza ".
Thumbnail for "Pope Francis meets with comedians at G7".
Pope Francis convened a meeting with an unexpected audience while at the G7: more than 100 comedians from 15 different countries.
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Thumbnail for "G7 nations to give Ukraine $50 billion loan".
Thumbnail for "Ceasefire talks deteriorate again".
Ceasefire talks between Israel and Hamas deteriorate once again.
Thumbnail for "UN Security Council vote pushes for ceasefire in Gaza".
Momentum may be building to end the war in Gaza after a UN Security Council vote for a ceasefire.

Hurricane Beryl as it hits Jamaica

Thumbnail for "Hurricane Beryl as it hits Jamaica".
July 3, 202447min 55sec

We have the latest on Hurricane Beryl as it hits Jamaica. Also, doping scandals and the invasion of Ukraine have barred Russian athletes from participating in the Olympics. We hear how some will still compete in Paris. Plus, China is doubling the size of its nuclear weapons arsenal, part of its global competition with the US. And chronically late German trains are testing a cultural stereotype and patience.