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Spooked features true-life supernatural stories, told firsthand by people who can barely believe it happened themselves. Be afraid. Created in the dark of night, by Snap Judgment Studios, in partnership with KQED & PRX. It is hosted by Glynn Washington.Episodes drop every week on Friday! Spooked is available for free on ALL podcast platforms. Featuring brand NEW stories -- along with episodes previously available only by subscription.For Luminary subscribers, previously released episodes are still on Luminary.

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Spooked features true-life supernatural stories, told firsthand by people who can barely believe it happened themselves. Be afraid. Created in the dark of night, by Snap Judgment Studios, in partnership with KQED & PRX. It is hosted by Glynn Washington.Episodes drop every week on Friday! Spooked is available for free on ALL podcast platforms. Featuring brand NEW stories -- along with episodes previously available only by subscription.For Luminary subscribers, previously released episodes are still on Luminary.

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68hr 26min
Thumbnail for "Dad and the Three Caskets ".
This episode is from Season 6 & was formerly subscriber-only. All-new episodes of Spooked return to Luminary September 9th!
Thumbnail for "George".
Just because you make friends with the ghost in your apartment building, doesn’t mean all your neighbors will follow suit.
Thumbnail for "Knock Knock".
In a boarding house in Chicago, a young girl puts her questions to the universe and the answers are returned in coded messages from the other side.
Thumbnail for "A Mother Knows".
We all know it’s good to be a little scared of your parents. But TK has a whole other list of reasons to be terrified of his mom.
Thumbnail for "Old Hady".
Jack and his family move to an old farmhouse in the middle of the country, looking for a place to call their own. But they may not be the new owners after all.
Thumbnail for "Sister Sister".
Identical twin sisters Melissa and Michelle Macedo are inseparable. They’re each other’s “own little world.” But the new girl… wants to change all that.
Thumbnail for "Jorge's Gift".
Jorge's grandfather was a wise, gifted man with the ability to see things others can only feel. When he passed away, he left Jorge with a legacy that he was not ready to handle.
Thumbnail for "I Know What You Did Next Summer".
Should you heed your dreams if they foretell danger? How can you tell the difference between dreams and what might become reality?
Thumbnail for "Monster Spray".
Jennie and her family love their new house. If only the screaming would stop.
Thumbnail for "Hidden in Plain Sight".
Sometimes we don’t need to look under the bed, or inside of the closet. Sometimes, the monster isn’t hidden at all.
Thumbnail for "I Think We're Alone Now".
Usually ghosts linger to deliver a message, to let us know what happened to them, why they need to stay behind. But what if the ghost stays behind to let us know something about ourselves?
Thumbnail for "Planes, Trains, and Ghostmobiles".
Who says that a ghost can’t help you get from point A to point B?
Thumbnail for "Picture Perfect".
A picture is worth a thousand words. Unless it leaves you speechless.
Thumbnail for "The Miller House ".
Some houses possess a presence. Some houses make strange noises. Some houses… come with a man in a green suit.
Thumbnail for "Ghostlighted".
Ellie’s mom doesn’t believe her when she says the house is haunted. But when a shadow man appears in Ellie’s closet doorway one night, Ellie wonders: who can she turn to?
Thumbnail for "Hellevator".
Just because it looks like you’re all alone… doesn’t mean you are. If someone in the darkness calls out to you, don’t answer them.
Thumbnail for "Quince Años".
Paola’s quinceañera will have sunflowers, dancing and a guest list that’s out of this world.
Thumbnail for "The Tagalong Pt. 2".
In our last episode of Spooked we met Aimee, she can see and talk to ghosts. She even invites one to come home with her and be her best friend. If you haven’t heard the last episode -- you’re going to want to go back and listen to that one first. Part two of a two-part story.
Thumbnail for "The Tagalong Pt. 1".
Aimee is different from her classmates: she can see and talk to ghosts. She even invites one to come home with her and be her best friend. Part one of a two-part story.
Thumbnail for "Old Church Road".
Chantal’s dad insists the house is fine. Chantal’s mom says the place is haunted and gives her the creeps. Chantal doesn’t want to pick sides, but she knows her mom is onto something.
Thumbnail for "Closet Dolls".
Octavia doesn’t let anyone near her dolls. Sure seems like the dolls want to get near to her, though.
Thumbnail for "30-Day Notice ".
You know that house, the one at the end of the block? The one the kids all dare each other to break into? Well, Mary El is about to move into it. And she’s pretty sure the landlord isn’t telling her family something important about the house’s past. 
Thumbnail for "The Occupants ".
Old houses have seen so many occupants. And just because former tenants have moved out, doesn’t mean they’ve truly left.
Thumbnail for "Man On The Mesa".
When Jayson first arrives at Camp Pendleton, he knows that the military base has quite a history. But he’s about to find out just how active history can be.
Thumbnail for "Opal".
Jessica keeps seeing her least favorite great aunt, Opal. She keeps telling her grandma, make Opal leave me alone. But Jessica’s grandma can’t do anything… because Opal’s been dead for weeks.
Thumbnail for "Medicine People".
Amelia’s trapped in a bad marriage. Her dad has a secret to get her out.
Thumbnail for "The Red Balloon".
Sabina starts to get a creeping feeling that she’s not alone in her childhood home in Perth, Australia. She wonders what could be there. But when she finally finds out… she can’t believe her eyes.
Thumbnail for "Hands Without A Face".
Everyone in Diane’s house has a different bedtime. When someone sits on the edge of her bed, waking her up, she’s not shocked. Until she looks to see who it is, and no one’s there.
Thumbnail for "The Paperboy ".
Ray Christian hated being a paperboy. Bad pay, hard route, rude customers. But there was one customer in particular who was different from the rest, and Ray didn’t quite know why.
Thumbnail for "Hurricane Helpers".
Brittnay and her family are trying to get out of the path of Hurricane Rita. But when they get stuck out on the road… all they can do is pray for a miracle.
Thumbnail for "The Yellow Balloon".
When Richard moves into an old farmhouse next to a big cornfield, he’s pretty sure that it’s haunted. And the ghosts… well, they’re not exactly friendly. He wants to know: how does he protect himself from supernatural forces?
Thumbnail for "The Murmur".
Sarah and her dad are hearing the same noise. It’s coming from somewhere upstairs, from somewhere in the wall. It sounds like someone’s talking, whispering, murmuring. 
Thumbnail for "Buffer Night ".
One wrong turn leads Kyan and his friends to the most sinister encounter of their lives.
Thumbnail for "Creature Feature ".
Strange creatures don't just live under your bed. Oh no. In this Spooked episode, we dive deep into the waters of an Oregon lake & travel to the island of Montserrat to bring you tales of things that go bump in the night.
Thumbnail for "The Rocking Horse".
When Elizabeth was 19, she got a job as an au pair at a horse farm in rural Georgia - it was remote and beautiful. But at night, when the house got dark and quiet, someone moved through the halls, waiting, and watching for Elizabeth.
Thumbnail for "Las Tres Cruces".
It’s the 1990s in Popoyán, Colombia. Twenty-year-old Humberto and his two best friends Jairo and Mauricio set off for an adventure in the woods. They think they’re invincible–but they’re no match for what they encounter.
Thumbnail for "These Boots Are Made For Stalking".
What happens when everyone in the family can see the same specter… but they don’t tell each other for years? 
Thumbnail for "The Banker".
When Antonio and his sister Anita were growing up in Texas, their family didn’t have much money. That’s why they were so excited to move into their very own home, even if it was a little run-down. It turns out, the home already had an occupant. 
Thumbnail for "Pet Cemetery ".
When Ray was a kid, he took care of all the animals in his neighborhood… even after they were gone.
Thumbnail for "The Woods Have Eyes".
Nate and Keith love to explore the forests in Massachusetts and Rhode Island, hunting for stones and crystals to add to their collection. But something out there is also on the hunt… for them.
Thumbnail for "Creature Feature II".
When a creature shows itself, wonder fills you, terror compels you, but which will you follow? Two friends in the countryside, and two men at sea are put to the test by mysterious beings.
Thumbnail for "Lady Grim".
Sherry and her husband keep seeing a hooded figure around their farm in Nova Scotia. She isn’t a ghost. She’s there to collect souls.
Thumbnail for "The Lighthouse ".
The Heceta Lighthouse Bed & Breakfast on the Oregon Coast used to be a lightkeeper’s home–and it has a reputation for being very haunted. So Spooked producer, Zoë Ferrigno, went to investigate.
Thumbnail for "The Domovoi ".
Sure, you’ve heard of a gnome, a troll, a sprite, an orc, a Babadook, a centaur, a tomten... but have you ever heard of a Domovoi? 
Thumbnail for "Brick and Mortal".
Sometimes the spirits we encounter are benevolent and kind — like guardian angels. And sometimes, they wait, and watch, and wish us ill. 
Thumbnail for "Tattoo Exorcism".
Traditional-Filipino-tattoo practitioner, Lane Wilcken, is never scared when ancestral spirits visit during tattoo sessions. He knows that those spirits, the ones that are just stopping by, aren’t the ones you have to worry about.
Thumbnail for "Lunger's Row".
Some folks live in haunted houses. The ghosts get cozy, they move in and they don’t move out. But what if your whole neighborhood is haunted?
Thumbnail for "The Steakout ".
Things can seem to creep and lurk in the dark — especially when you’re on duty.
Thumbnail for "Night at the Aquarium".
On Kevin’s night shift at the Monterey Bay Aquarium, things get wet, wild, and very very weird.
Thumbnail for "Dod".
Arin is living with his parents and siblings in Washington state when some of his long-forgotten childhood memories start coming back to him.
Thumbnail for "The Succubus ".
You’ve heard of “Sexual Healing” but have you heard of a sexual demon? This week on Spooked, we take you to the Hollywood Hills to meet a demonic seductress. 
Thumbnail for "Big Man".
When the Big Guy shows up, you keep your mouth shut.
Thumbnail for "Las Muñecas".
Francisco finds a doll in his pocket every single day. And every single day, he gets sicker and weaker. He needs to get rid of these dolls... before they get rid of him.
Thumbnail for "Three Sickles And A Roomba".
Diana knows that the little girl she keeps seeing in her house is a ghost. But what she doesn’t know is if this ghost means her family any harm.
Thumbnail for "Champ".
Pati is really young when she loses her best friend and isn’t sure she’ll ever see him again. Until one day, he shows up, asking to play.
Thumbnail for "Burning Look".
He’s a happy, all-American, baseball-loving kid. Then the fires start.
Thumbnail for "Pinky's Place".
Josh moves into an old hotel in Pittsburgh to help his family renovate it. As he starts to experience things he can’t explain, it quickly becomes clear to him that some people may have never left. 
Thumbnail for "Wind and Fog".
Howling wind. Swirling fog. What lurks in the mist? To whom is the wind calling?
Thumbnail for "Out of Body".
Tiyi just wants to get away from the man in the closet. What happens next changes her life forever.
Thumbnail for "Keep It Pono".
If you live in Hawaii, you know that if you see the ancient Night Marchers of the King’s Guard, you bow in reverence. And you don’t look them in the eye, under any circumstances. But Obake, Dee, and Joe Bones? They haven’t learned this lesson… yet.
Thumbnail for "The Inkwell ".
Just because someone’s passed over, doesn’t mean they’re not still watching over you.
Thumbnail for "Smell Ya Later".
After Laura’s husband gets a fatal diagnosis, he promises to contact her from beyond the grave. But how will she know it’s really him?
Thumbnail for "Weeping Painting".
Omar thinks he know his grandma. Until one day, he finds a scary portrait in her bedroom… and it’s looking at him
Thumbnail for "Earth Angel ".
Alfia is studying to be a nurse, but she soon discovers that science isn’t everything and a higher power is at work.
Thumbnail for "Northspur Storm".
Kathy and her kids leave a busy life in Southern California to live in a little cabin in the woods, without electricity. But then, strange things start happening. It seems Kathy and her children aren’t the only occupants of the cabin.
Thumbnail for "The Big Sleep".
Jen wakes up in a strange hospital with mysterious caretakers. Her only way out? The shot.
Thumbnail for "Pee Afraid".
Dr. Aammton Alias has a work retreat in the jungle. And when he gets there… he’s gotta go.
Thumbnail for "Hounded".
Some roads are long and some roads wind. Some roads show you things you’d never think you’d find…
Thumbnail for "Always Be Polite ".
John Henson, a Southern Cheyenne Native American, is the go-to person when friends and family need their homes smoked off. But when he encounters a stubborn and angry cat-like entity, he has to dig deeper than ever before — all while being polite.
Thumbnail for "The Deer Stand".
Dan is a hunter. His favorite place in the world is his deer stand: a platform 20 feet up in an ancient tree. One day, Dan is sitting up in the tree when he sees something that changes his life forever. 
Thumbnail for "Dead End".
When we meet darkness and our road grows dim, sometimes a spirit finds us and helps guide us towards the path we’re meant to take… or avoid.
Thumbnail for "Season VIII Trailer ".
Starting Friday, April 7th Spooked drops… WEEKLY! We have held back the darkness long enough and at long last… Spooked will be available for free on ALL podcast platforms.
Thumbnail for "D-E-B-R-A".
After the birth of her second child, Elijah, Sabrina starts to wonder if she’s brought home more from the hospital than just her new baby.
Thumbnail for "The Sinkhole".
One day, while out landscaping his yard, Moses reaches into the dirt and pulls out a handful of bones. He wants to find out who they belong to. But that might not be such a good idea…
Thumbnail for "Pali Lookout".
It’s March 1980, and best friends Lopaka and Sean decide to ditch class and head to the Pali Lookout, a tourist destination just outside of Honolulu on the island of Oahu. They’re hanging out, taking in the sights… but nothing can prepare them for what happens when they decide to venture off the beaten path.
Thumbnail for "Hotel Hell-o Dolly".
Hotels and dolls can be full of charm — others are horrifying and cause alarm.
Thumbnail for "Matt's Flat".
Matt is calm, peaceful, and very chill, but his apartment has a dark past. On one rainy night in Birmingham, his flat mate finally makes herself known, and her story unfolds.
Thumbnail for "Los Chaneques".
Saulo knows the stories about the mischievous creatures who lurk in the forests and beaches of Oaxaca. But one night a hunt for turtle eggs becomes a search for the truth.  
Thumbnail for "Dismal Falls".
This episode is from Season 6 & was formerly subscriber-only. All-new episodes of Spooked return to Luminary September 9th!
Thumbnail for "Romeo & Juliet ".
A pair of star-crossed lovers encounter the paranormal in fair Wisconsin, where we lay our scene.
Thumbnail for "Corporal Cummings".
It’s 1967. Jerry has been drafted and just landed in Vietnam. He keeps meeting another young soldier, Cummings… and every time they run into each other, something terrible seems to happen.
Thumbnail for "Cliffhanger".
Bill is home from college, on his way to meet his girlfriend, when his car swerves off the road…
Thumbnail for "Flora and the Fox".
When Flora heads to China to spend time with family for the summer, she realizes her young cousin is acting weird. Almost like he’s someone… or something else entirely.
Thumbnail for "Green Demon".
When Austin’s dad starts having night terrors, the family thinks it’s just nightmares -- but Austin thinks something else is going on. He soon discovers that there is an actual demon plaguing his father… and Austin must confront it. 
Thumbnail for "Fright at the Museum".
Jen is about to start an internship at a museum. But this isn’t a typical museum… It's built inside two old, historic mansions. By this time, the original owners of these two old homes are long gone -- or are they?
Thumbnail for "A Murder of Crows".
Birds talk to each other about everything -- where to find food, where to roost, when to migrate. What messages might they have for us? 
Thumbnail for "Friends on the Other Side ".
Sometimes, spirits reach out and ask us for help. And sometimes, they reach out to give us what we need, too.
Thumbnail for "Don't Wanna Fright No More".
When singer/songwriter and former frontwoman of the Alabama Shakes, Brittany Howard, comes up against a hostile spirit in her home, she has to decide: who’s going to get to stay? Brittany... or the ghost? Big thanks and big love to Brittany for sharing h
Thumbnail for "Skinwalker".
Lee’s great grandfather, his grandfather, and his father have all seen him: the shapeshifter. They know this man has the power to curse them, to hurt them. Lee wonders: is this man coming for him too?  BIG thanks to, Lee, and his entire family for sharin
Thumbnail for "The Haunting of Radio Centro".
Everyone who works at Radio Centro knows it’s haunted. But Guillermo, the host on the station’s paranormal show “Tell it Tonight” is about to discover that he has psychic powers that make him susceptible to the station’s haunts.  Thank you, Guillermo, fo
Thumbnail for "Petrony".
David’s family has owned the same plot of farmland in North Carolina for over 300 years. As he gets older, he starts to realize that some family members have never really left... Thank you, David, for sharing your story with the Spooked. Big love to you
Thumbnail for "Teacher’s Pet".
Kristen Cortez is a new teacher in beautiful Los Gatos, California. From her classroom window, she can see rolling, golden hills. Redwood trees. The sun is almost always shining. And yet… something lurks.  Thank you, Kristen, for telling us your terrifyi
Thumbnail for "Take Me Home".
Take Me Home
Thumbnail for "Campfire Tales VII".
The last embers of the season. The final wander through the woods. The chill not yet hitting the air. That’s when you know it’s time… Grab your seat by the fire Spooksters, it's time to get warmed up for Season V! We proudly present, “Campfire Tales VII.”
Thumbnail for "The Fog".
The Fog
Thumbnail for "Isabelle".
Thumbnail for "The Trespassers".
When it comes to the supernatural: don’t poke the bear. Don’t kick the hive. Don’t mess around. Because, when it comes to the supernatural: you’re gonna get what’s coming for you. STORIES Kapu If the sign at the mouth of the cave says “kapu,” forbidden,
Thumbnail for "Lopaka".
Lopaka and his adopted father don’t get along. That is, until forces from beyond the veil intervene.  We travel to Hawaii to bring you this very special Spooked tale. Thank you, Lopaka Kapanui for sharing your story with us. Want more stories from Lopaka
Thumbnail for "Iconic".
You know the most haunted places. The houses, the castles, the hotels. And you know the most haunted objects. The mirrors, the necklaces, the dolls. In this episode, we take you to the Stanley Hotel and introduce you to Robert the Doll. STORIES Room 324
Thumbnail for "Santi".
When Maribel loses her little brother Santi, her very best friend in the world, she learns that love is sometimes stronger than death. We travel to Mexico for this very special Spooked tale.  Thank you, Maribel Placencia, from the bottom of our hearts, f
Thumbnail for "Portal - Snap Bonus".
Jennifer Percy was just a young graduate student researching PTSD, but the closer she got to understanding the inner workings of one soldier’s trauma, the more she lost her own footing in reality. For more, check out her book: Demon Camp. Producer: Nancy
Thumbnail for "Sharp Tooth Boy".
Bonnie Blagg and her two friends call for Bloody Mary in the mirror on her dresser during a middle school sleepover. Bonnie thinks nothing of it until a ghost boy with long, sharp, bloody teeth appears in her bedroom every single night after that. Produc
Thumbnail for "Tales from the Smokehouse".
Cursed cat bones. Dead dogs. A haunted pond. Master storyteller Todd Narron is our tour guide as we explore the mysterious, spooky American South. Todd’s memoir is Country Stories of Ghosts and Bad Men. STORIES  "Barbara Nichols Pond" Ever since a little
Thumbnail for "Mrs. Hagstrom".
When supernatural forces come for her kids, Curtis’s mom stands strong. Mrs. Hagstrom may be the meanest Spooked ghost yet. Don't listen alone... Curtis’s memoir is Shadow of Fear.  Producer: Anna Sussman Original Score: Leon Morimoto Artwork by: Sanaa K
Thumbnail for "The Thin Place".
Martin is a paramedic. He has a gift for saving peoples' lives. He also has another, darker, gift--one that he doesn’t want to use.  Thank you, Martin, for sharing your story with us. Martin is a longtime Spooked listener.  Produced by: Eliza Smith Origi
Thumbnail for "The Night Whistler".
Cheryl and her kids move into a new home, and notice a mysterious presence.  First they pretend it doesn’t exist. Then, they try to befriend it. And finally, they run from it. Cheryl’s memoir is Hot Dog Wars, Family Skeletons, and a Ghost. Producer: Erik
Thumbnail for "The Intruders".
La Posada What happens when great-great-granddaughter of one of America’s most famous ghosts goes looking for answers?  Find out more about the ghost and the life of Julia Staab in Hannah’s book American Ghost. Producer: Anna Sussman and Hannah Nordhaus.
Thumbnail for "Under The Stairs".
The Basement: When one of Daniel’s kids started seeing ghosts, he was scared. When two of his kids started seeing ghosts, he was petrified.  Producer: Anna Sussman Original Score: Leon Morimoto   Under the Stairs: Mido discovers that the former tenants o
Thumbnail for "Skagway".
Skagway is a tiny, remote town in Alaska. The population of living souls hovers around 1,000. And by all accounts, there may be just as many souls stuck behind, haunting the place. Frances: Cori suspects she’s got a second roommate who she can’t see, and
Thumbnail for "Holy Ghost".
The Possession: When Sara falls into a near-coma, her grandmother calls on a coven of witches to ward off the evil forces ensnaring her. Producer: Sara Finnerty And Katya Apekina   Original Score: Renzo Gorrio   The Healing: Paul Templer almost died as a
Thumbnail for "Ghost Town".
The Mine: California is gold country. Gold miner Shannon Poe has been in a lot of scary situations. He’s run headlong towards a cougar, fallen out of trees, and been caught in a shootout. But nothing quite compares to what he experienced in an abandoned
Thumbnail for "Hush".
Libby: Jennifer and her daughter Taylor both know their family home is haunted… but they don’t want to share that secret, even with each other. Producer: Eliza Smith Original Score: Bells Atlas   No Voy a Tener Nietos: Maria’s mother always wanted a son.
Thumbnail for "Something In The Walls".
The Visage: A man is hired to do remodel work on a notorious haunted house. But something inside the house doesn’t want anything to change. Producer: Anna Sussman Original Score: Leon Morimoto   Decorations:  Paintings start appearing on the walls. Dark,
Thumbnail for "Smells Like Teen Spirits".
The Mammoth Mountain Poltergeist:  When Tom Ross was a teenager, he took a ski vacation with his aunt and uncle. Little did he know, there was something waiting for them at the chalet.  Check out Jenny Ashford’s book, The Mammoth Mountain Poltergeist, wh
Thumbnail for "The Perfect Tenant".
The Perfect Tenant Steven LaChance and his kids were starting over. They had a new house, and they were ready for a new beginning. The only thing was, their landlady was a bit…different. Get more information about Steven’s work and his book, The Uninvite
Thumbnail for "37 Seconds".
Stephanie told her doctor that she was going to die before her pregnancy was over, and he wouldn’t listen. She told her husband, and he wouldn’t listen. She tried to tell her friends--they wouldn’t listen either. But she knew for sure that death was comi
Thumbnail for "Creepy Crawly".
The Birds As a little boy in Richmond, Virginia, Ray Christian raised pigeons. One summer those pigeons led him to a little boy who wasn’t able to speak, yet somehow spoke volumes.   Producer: Anna Sussman Original Score: Leon Morimoto   The Taxidermist
Thumbnail for "The Iron Gate".
When Dallas Sanchez was stationed in Iraq, he saw danger every single day.  But one night on patrol, when his small kill team took over a house in Baghdad, an unseen force had a message for them: Get. Out. Producer: Anna Sussman Original Score: Leon Mori
Thumbnail for "Restless".
The Curse of Mr. Smith: Every time Randi’s grandma looked out her kitchen window, she’d see him, standing on the lawn: Mr. Smith. Who was Mr. Smith? What did he want? And why was he so sad? This story comes to us from a listener, Randi Skaggs. Producer:
Thumbnail for "The Wraith".
As a kid, Teresa could see dead people. Family members, friends. Until one day, she met a stranger who had come back from the other side with a message for her. Teresa Moorleghen is the founder of Coastline Pilates in Santa Cruz. She still sees dead peop
Thumbnail for "Final Act".
Stories:  "Cowboy Whiteout" - Valerie is lost in a snowstorm in rural Montana. She thinks she might not be able to get out, when she sees two headlights coming to her through the storm. Help is on the way--she hopes. Valerie’s story comes to us from the
Thumbnail for "Lost".
Stories:  "Cat Scratch Fever" - A family moves to a new apartment, only to discover that they’re not the only ones living there. This story comes to us from a listener, Kat Difronzo, and her brother, Mike, and father, Fred. Producer: Eliza Smith Original
Thumbnail for "Clown Zombie".
"Clown Zombie" – When a carnival in Mexico turns dark, young Oscar Mendoza finds out why he should not have laughed at the clowns. This story first appeared on the podcast Real Ghost Stories Online. Check them out at RealGhostStoriesOnline.com.
Thumbnail for "The Summoning".
Stories: "Spirit on the Board" - What happens when a group of kids conjure a spirit? Story:  Andrea C.K. Producer: Eliza Smith Original Score: Pat Mesiti-Miller  "The Seance" - A long-lost love comes to town for a visit, and he's been dead for years. To
Thumbnail for "Unholy Water".
Stories: "Devil’s Water" - Attempting to dig the family well in rural Michigan, Glynn's family comes up dry--until Daddy cuts a deal with the Devil. Original Music: Pat Mesiti Miller Story: Glynn Washington   "Hot Water" - What’s really out there, waitin
Thumbnail for "The Black Rose".
Stories: "Great Aunt Rose" -  When Christina McKenna’s cruel aunt comes back from the grave to make amends--she’s not sure if she can forgive. Read more about Christina’s childhood in Ireland in her book, My Mother Wore A Yellow Dress. "The Unicorn Princ
Thumbnail for "A Friend In The Forest".
Stories: "A Boy Named Thomas"  Shane Dunphy spent years working with kids as a social worker. He’d seen it all until he met a little boy named Gregory. For more, get Shane Dunphy’s book The Boy They Tried to Hide. Producer: Nancy López Original Score: Pa
Thumbnail for "The Shadow Men".
Witch Cage: A woman buys a medieval jail… and tries to make it her home. To hear more about her experiences, check out Vanessa Mitchell’s book, Spirits of the Cage: True Accounts of Living in a Haunted Medieval Prison, co-written with Richard Estep. Vane
Thumbnail for "Possession".
Stories: Indonesian Ghost Show When a TV crew shows up to film a ghost show their disrespect angers the gods. Special thanks to Haryo Bhama, who was a producer on the popular Indonesian reality show, Masih Dunia Lain. Thanks, too, to Arzia Tivany Wargadi
Thumbnail for "The Curse".
Stories: "La Bruja" Your family is cursed--who you gonna call? La Bruja. Nestor Gomez is a storyteller based in Chicago. You can find him on Twitter @soloyochapin and at his website: nestorgomezstoryteller.com Production: Adizah Eghan Original Score: Leo
Thumbnail for "Borderlands".
There are some places where different worlds overlap. Welcome to the Borderlands. Stories: "Border Boogeyman" - Back in the 90s, Rocky Elmore worked as a border patrol agent, just East of San Diego. He did night patrol--and out there, in the pitch black,
Thumbnail for "Lost In Time".
There are good reasons in some places that the signs warn to stay on the path. On Spooked we ignore the warnings, jump the fence, peek through the keyhole and open up the dark closet. Stories:  "Time Warp Saloon" -  The neon sign blinks at the roadhouse b
Thumbnail for "The Watcher".
There are times when you are supposedly all alone.  And then you see her, him or it out of the corner of your eye...watching. "Houdini’s Promise" - Can a pact between two brothers survive death? "The Night Mother" - It’s the middle of the night. You’re n

Dad and the Three Caskets

Thumbnail for "Dad and the Three Caskets ".
August 25, 202230min 8sec

Spooked's own Annie Nguyen shares her family’s ghost story. When her father got the call from his siblings and cousins back in Vietnam, asking him to help them find their ancestors’ missing caskets, he got on the first plane out of California. But when he got there, he realized they needed to call on higher powers to help them locate the long-lost grave sites.

BIG love and thanks to Poppa Nguyen, for sharing your story with us!

Produced by Annie Nguyen, original score by Renzo Gorrio, artwork by Teo Ducot

Translation by George Q. Nguyen - please note the translation was condensed for clarity.