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A science-based, humor laced approach to health and fitness. With the help of top researchers from the health and wellness fields, Juna Gjata and Dr. Eddie Phillips break down the science behind good nutrition, exercise, stress, sleep, and more. Includes a generous helping of sarcasm (Juna), dad jokes (Eddie), and pristine sound design (our awesome producers).

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A science-based, humor laced approach to health and fitness. With the help of top researchers from the health and wellness fields, Juna Gjata and Dr. Eddie Phillips break down the science behind good nutrition, exercise, stress, sleep, and more. Includes a generous helping of sarcasm (Juna), dad jokes (Eddie), and pristine sound design (our awesome producers).

Copyright Food We Need to Talk LLC
46hr 4min
Thumbnail for "Sleep Divorce, Melatonin, Watching TV Before Bed and More".
Talking to Harvard sleep scientist Frank Scheer.
Thumbnail for "Dark Chocolate, Mindful Eating, and Avocado Toast".
Thumbnail for "Caffeine, Protein, and Ice Cream: What We've Learned from Six Years of Hosting a Health Podcast".
Thumbnail for "Why Am I Always Tired with Harvard Sleep Professor Frank Scheer".
How to hack your sleep and have more energy.
Thumbnail for "Plastic, Detergents, and Air Purifiers".
What habits in our daily lives are disrupting our skin and gut barreir?
Thumbnail for "Why Autoimmune Diseases Are on the Rise".
The environmental factors that are causing an increase in autoimmune disorders and allergies.
Thumbnail for "Ozempic, Addiction, Glucose Monitoring and More".
Do the new weight loss medications help with awareness and addiction?
Thumbnail for "Overcoming Cravings and the Habit of Overeating with Jud Brewer".
What to do when you eat without being hungry.
Thumbnail for "The Truth About Olive Oil".
Inflammation and obesity, olive oil, and nutritional kindness
Thumbnail for "The Truth About Superfoods and Antioxidants with Mauro Serafini".
Are superfoods a real thing?
Thumbnail for "Spices, Salt, Woks, Tofu, and More with J. Kenji Lopez-Alt".
We ask Kenji a bunch of cooking questions!
Thumbnail for "The Science of Cooking Well with J. Kenji Lopez-Alt".
Cooking tips and tricks from a professional chef and food writer!
Thumbnail for "Cooking Advice, Ricotta Pancakes, Sugarless Desserts, and More".
Getting some cooking advice from Sally Sampson!
Thumbnail for "Teaching Kids to Love Cooking and Eating Real Food with Sally Sampson".
How to get your kids to love to cook and eat healthy!
Thumbnail for "Q&A - Weight Loss Shakes, Cortisol and Your Waistline, Pushing Through Fitness Plateaus & More ".
Answering your most asked questions!
Thumbnail for "The Most Cited Nutritionist in the World".
Some insights from Dr. Walter Willett, the most cited nutritionist in the world.
Thumbnail for "How Not to Hate Cardio with World-Renowned Coach Joel Jamieson".
Everything you need to know about cardio and why it's crucial for heatlh.
Thumbnail for "Budget Ozempic, Covid's Effects on Eating Disorders, and More".
How the pandemic, drug companies, and social media have impacted rates of eating disorders.
Thumbnail for "You Binged... Now What?".
What to do after a binge eating episode.
Thumbnail for "Misconceptions About Eating Disorders, Orthorexia, and More".
An episode all about eating disorders.
Thumbnail for "The Most Important Thing You Can Do to Live Longer".
The incredible health impacts of close relationships.
Thumbnail for "The Complicated Reality of Plant-Based "Meat"".
Tackling the Beyond burger, Impossible meat, and all the other meat alternatives.
Thumbnail for "Should We Be Worried About Salt?".
How much should we be watching our salt intake?
Thumbnail for "Why You Need a Good "Why"".
Find the reason to exercise that gets you excited!
Thumbnail for "How to Create Consistency".
The importance of consistency over intensity.
Thumbnail for "How to Set Goals to Succeed ".
What we know about the science of goal-setting.
Thumbnail for "The Shocking Truth About Artificial Sweeteners".
Are artificial sweeteners any "healthier" than sugar?
Thumbnail for "Q&A - Food and Depression, Birth Control and Weight Gain, and What If You Hate Exercise?".
Answering some of our top listener questions!
Thumbnail for "Fiber Hacks + the Dangers of Fiber Supplements".
The best ways to get in more fiber!
Thumbnail for "Everything You Need to Know About the Microbiome ".
How your gut affects your mental and physical health.
Thumbnail for "What We Can Learn from Top Athletes ft. Ben Bergeron ".
Learning from a coach to the world's fittest people.
Thumbnail for "Eddie's Therapy (AKA Health Coaching) Session".
Getting deep with Eddie and Margaret Moore!
Thumbnail for "The Transformative Power of Health Coaching + Juna Gets "Therapised" ft. Margaret Moore".
Perhaps our most "real" episode yet.
Thumbnail for "Why We Don't Know Enough About Women's Health".
Menopause, menstruation, pregnancy, and why we don't know enough about any of it.
Thumbnail for "A "Healthy" Pregnancy".
What does a "healthy" pregnancy look like?
Thumbnail for "Cooking Advice, Meal Kits, Meal Prep + Healthy Homemade Ice Cream".
Cooking advice from two non-cooks!
Thumbnail for "The Misconceptions and Myths of Menopause".
Everything you need to know about menopause.
Thumbnail for "Supplementing a Bad Diet with Vitamins + Our Thoughts on Protein Bars and Protein Powders".
If you take enough vitamins, can you eat whatever you want?
Thumbnail for "The Episode About Periods".
Everything you need to know about menstruation and your cycle!
Thumbnail for "How to "Not Screw Up Your Kids" (Talking to Your Kids About Health)".
How can we talk about food, exercise, and health with our kids?
Thumbnail for "Food Addiction, Dumb Things Your Brain Does, and Enjoying Your Food ft. Laurie Santos".
How to enjoy the food that nourishes you more!
Thumbnail for "Combining Exercise and Social Life, Learning New Skills No Matter Your Age, and Improving Focus".
Use exercise to socialize and help your brain!
Thumbnail for "How Exercise Helps with Depression, Anxiety, and the Aging Brain ft. Dr. Jennifer Heisz".
The mental health benefits of exercise
Thumbnail for "Saunas, Cold Plunges, Apple Watches, Ozempic, and More: Andy Galpin on Fitness Fads".
Debunking all the newest fitness fads to find out which are worth a try!
Thumbnail for "Exercise Is Not About “Not Being Fat” ft. Andy Galpin".
An in depth conversation with renowned exercise physiologist Andy Galpin
Thumbnail for "Our Meditation Journeys + Eddie Is a Black Belt?!".
How we both approach meditation and Eddie's martial arts journey!
Thumbnail for "Food We Need to Talk... in Person!!!".
Our first ever live event and book signing!
Thumbnail for "Have We Improved Our Mindful Eating + Eddie's Debut at Symphony Hall".
A deep dive into our own mindful eating journeys!
Thumbnail for "What The Heck Is Mindful(ish) Eating ft. The Nutrition Diva".
For all the mindless eaters out there... let's make mindful eating easy.
Thumbnail for "Opening Up About Our Own Mental Health - The Talk (Bonus Episode)".
How did food and exercise help or hurt during our own toughest times?
Thumbnail for "Is The Food You're Eating Making You Depressed?".
How your diet quality is impacting your mental health.
Thumbnail for "Come Meet Us in Person!!! (Our First Live Event)".
Food We Need to Talk... IN PERSON
Thumbnail for "Finally... The Protein Episode".
How much, what kind, when, and why? Everything PROTEIN.
Thumbnail for "The Myth of "I'll Be Happy When I'm X Pounds" ft. Laurie Santos".
What actually will make us happy, and why is it so hard today?
Thumbnail for "Getting Summer Ready - Trailer!".
We're back for another season!
Thumbnail for "Update! (Book and podcast!)".
Book preorder is on sale and an update about the upcoming season!
Thumbnail for "The Magic of NON-Exercise".
Does achieving your step goal actually make a difference?
Thumbnail for "The Uncontroversial Truth About Nutrition".
Here's what we all agree on about nutrition.
Thumbnail for "Disordered Eating or Eating Disorder".
When "being healthy" or a quick diet become dangerous.
Thumbnail for "This Is Your Brain on Cheesecake".
Is processed food addictive?
Thumbnail for "The Truth About Alcohol (An Update)".
It turns out that even a glass a day may not be "good" for anyone...
Thumbnail for "The Science of a Happy and Meaningful Life ft. Dacher Keltner".
A happiness scientist on fulfillment, joy, and living a good life.
Thumbnail for "OZEMPIC - The "Magical" Weight Loss Drug".
What's the deal with Ozempic?
Thumbnail for "We Wrote a Book!!!".
Preorders are on sale now.
Thumbnail for "Resolutions - Is Coffee *Actually* Healthy?".
Caf, decaf, or no-caf?
Thumbnail for "Resolutions - Is Alcohol *Actually* Healthy? ".
Professor Eric Rimm on the health effects of alcohol.
Thumbnail for "Resolutions - Is Sugar *Actually* Unhealthy?".
Is sugar bad for us?
Thumbnail for "The Science of Making, *Not* Breaking, New Year’s Resolutions | Resolutions Series Ep. 1".
Professor Alexander Rozental and Martin Oscarsson on the making, keeping, and breaking of New Year’s Resolutions.
Thumbnail for "Why You Shouldn't Stress About Exercise ft. Dan Lieberman ".
What's the deal with exercise from an anthropological perspective?
Thumbnail for "Holiday Food, Guilt, and Stress: How to *Actually* Have a Happy Holiday".
How to navigate this holiday season to make it the happiest season of all!
Thumbnail for "The Health Effects of Being Called "Fat"".
"Fat shaming" has real consequences for our health.
Thumbnail for "Does Being Hungry Make You Live Longer? Calorie Restriction and Longevity ".
Professor John Speakman on the science behind calorie restriction.
Thumbnail for "Can You Lose Weight Eating ANYTHING, How To Get Back Into the Gym, and Getting Your Kids To Eat "Healthy" - Q&A".
You've got Q's, we've got A's!
Thumbnail for "Where Does the Fat Go? (And Other Concerns) ".
Ruben Meerman, the "surfing scientist", on what happens to fat when we lose weight.
Thumbnail for "Cardio, Lifting... or BOTH? The Best Exercise for Weight Loss, Health, and Longevity".
Which is better your health: cardio or lifting?
Thumbnail for "Sleep, Weight Gain, Eating, and Health".
What's happening with our sleep?
Thumbnail for "Is the Freshman 15 a Real Thing?".
It's back to school season! Today, a deep dive into staying healthy and happy in college.
Thumbnail for "Wrestling With Body Positivity, Losing Weight Without Disordered Eating, and Eating Healthy in College - Q&A".
We answer some questions from YOU, our listeners!
Thumbnail for "A "Healthy" Relationship with "Unhealthy" Food ft. Jordan Syatt".
When does a focus on healthy eating and exercise go too far?
Thumbnail for "Stress, Eating, and Weight".
Is stress really all that bad?
Thumbnail for "How to Create Habits and Hack Your Health".
Professor Wendy Wood shares tips on creating better habits.
Thumbnail for "From "Fat Is In" to "Slim-Thick" - A History of Dieting".
Dr. Katharina Vester on the surprising effects of dieting trends throughout history.
Thumbnail for "Be Kind...Even To Yourself".
The importance of practicing self-compassion.
Thumbnail for "Here's What We Do Agree On About Nutrition".
Mediterranean, keto, paleo, low-fat, low-carb...what should we actually be eating?! Dr. Christopher Gardner weighs in.
Thumbnail for "The Magic of NON-Exercise".
What is NEAT and why does it matter?
Thumbnail for "Is Your Body Working Against You?".
What happens to the body post-diet? Guest Dr. Paul MacLean explains.
Thumbnail for "The Surprising Secrets of Your Metabolism".
Get up to speed...on your metabolism!
Thumbnail for "Is It Really Just About the Calories?".
What even is a calorie and do they really matter?!
Thumbnail for "First Listen - We're Back!".
Food, We Need To Talk season 2 is here!
Thumbnail for "Your Body, Your Self".
From weight stigma to the "Health At Every Size" movement, Eddie and Juna dig into the complex issue of body image.
Thumbnail for "Disordered Eating And Eating Disorders".
Eating disorders like anorexia or bulimia are relatively rare, but an estimated 14% to 22% of the American public experience disordered eating. It's a broad category that includes both eating disorders and other very real eating-related distress.
Thumbnail for "Supplements And Snake Oils".
Eddie and Juna take a look at supplements, the largely unregulated substances that often promise magically easy solutions to complex, difficult problems.
Thumbnail for "Q&A - Mixing Cardio and Lifting, the Best Gym Routine, Optimal Time to Exercise and More".
Do yoga and pilates count as resistance training? And other listener questions about exercise.
Thumbnail for "Stress, Stress, Stress and Your Waistline".
As Eddie says, with a fudgsicle in hand, "They're right! Stress changes the types of food you crave!"
Thumbnail for "Q&A - Are Potatoes Bad For You, Portion Control for Weight Loss, Dealing with Weight Gain Without Dieting and More".
Eddie and Juna begin to answer some of the myriad questions that have come in from "Food, We Need To Talk" listeners.
Thumbnail for "Am I Destined To Be This Size?".
"Genes load the gun, and the environment pulls the trigger" -- is one way to look at how much of weight is within our control.
Thumbnail for "How Can I Become A Fat-Burning Machine?".
When experts on nutrition and eating were asked for one top piece of advice for better health, all talked about exercise instead.
Thumbnail for "What The Heck Should We Eat?".
Possibly the very best thing you can do to help yourself eat better is ... not about choosing a particular type of food.
Thumbnail for "This Is Your Brain On Cheesecake".
Among the scary insights that brain science can offer into junk foods: eating them tends to shift food preferences long-term -- at least, in mice.
Thumbnail for "Good Food, Bad Food".
Even children tend to refer to "good food" and "bad food." The "Food, We Need To Talk" co-hosts break down this idea.
Thumbnail for "Doomed If You Diet, Doomed If You Don’t".
The first episode of the podcast "Food, We Need To Talk" begins with the great dilemma: "You're doomed if you diet, doomed if you don't."
Thumbnail for "First Listen".
Listen to this trailer of WBUR's new podcast, "Food, We Need To Talk," to get a sense of its journey toward eating better and, most importantly, feeling better about it.

Sleep Divorce, Melatonin, Watching TV Before Bed and More

Thumbnail for "Sleep Divorce, Melatonin, Watching TV Before Bed and More".
July 1, 20243min 49sec

Today, we continue our conversation with Professor Frank Scher from Harvard University. This episode, we focused on your questions! Should you consider sleep divorcing your partner? Is it okay to take melatonin for a long time? What about watching TV before bed? And the most important question of all, at conferences, do the sleep scientists party?! Find out in today's episode!

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